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  1. Hey all, been a while.glad to be back!:D

    I piked up another II last week and I was curious about how it fits in on production stats... Perhaps those that have received their Marti Reports can help out?

    I picked up a '78 Cobra (white/green stripes). Obviously the purchaser wanted the cheapest Cobra offered as it's a 2.3 manual car, AM radio, apart from it being a Cobra it has no other options I can see except heated back glass (or was that part of the CB package because of the rear louvres?)

    Anyway, anyone know how many Cobras were produced in 1978?, how many with 2.3's?

    I can't get a Marti report yet since it is not registered yet (needs a pile of bodywork) and here in Alberta there is no "title", just a bill of sale. For those that have ordered one, was it worth it? Is there that much more info that you can't pull from the vin, door tag and buck tag?

    Also on the same note, anybody know when production of the II ended? I know they debuted the new Fox body to the press in June of '78 but they were still making IIs as this car has a sched date of June 1.


    Francis "Turbo II"
  2. well.. I dont know exactly, but I have a feeling it's pretty rare. I've never seen either a 2.3L Cobra II OR a green Cobra II in person, so if its a combo of both than hot damn :nice:

    Sorry that my post is mostly without relevancy, but I think everyone would appreciate pics ;)
  3. 78 Cobra II production was supposedly 8009 units. Less than 1/3 of 76s production. Always wondered if it was due to the "new" graphics, or if the whole concept was wearing thin by that time. Of course, the KC took some of the market share as well.

    No breakout for engine by trim package exists, as far as I know. Since the Cobras were lumped in with the standard 3 doors, I doubt the raw data even exists to try to begin to dechiper it. This link indicates it'd be pretty uncommon, although there's a good chance that some have been more likely to be scrapped (resulting in fewer registered) as I imagine they would have been perceived as less desireable.

    I have never seen an in-person 2.3 Cobra II, although I just missed out on one that had been turned into a mini-stock.

    White with green 78....saw the center section of rear spoiler from one on a junker I looked at about 5 years ago. That's as close as I've ever come to seeing a real live one.
  4. Definitely show us some pics! I've seen several green/white of the '77 variety, and I've seen green/black of the '78 variety, but never a green/white of the '78 stripes in person. I've seen a couple of '78 Cobra IIs with the 4 cylinder engine, both were white with red stripes, which in my experience in the NW was by far the most common color combo for '78. White with blue stripes seems to have been most common for '76 and '77 (again, only what I've personally seen around the NW).
  5. I looked at a 78 white cobra with the green billboard style stripes ( tri color) but it had a v-8 in it . I think they are rare, and I would have bought it but it was in terrible shape and the guy would not let it go for less than $ 2000.00:eek:
  6. I would have to agree with that as well.
  7. Thanks for the info.

    You asked for a pic....


    A little rusty, but relatively complete. Got it running this week. Rear window louvres are getting a few cracks re-welded today. Next step is to repair the rust damage and then decide if I will put new vinyl on or paint the billboards (I'm a painter by trade)
  8. a little rough around he edges but i like it :nice:

    almost looks like it went through a war lol
  9. Still has the front spoiler...I'm impressed!

    Unless you're going for a concours resto, I'd paint 'em on (and always do). 78s especially would be tough to make look right by cutting vinyl, and as far as I know, the green kit isn't being repro'd.
  10. Yeah, it was the front spoiler that convinced me to buy it..only the second one I've seen locally that I could buy. Of course the valence itself is toast but I managed to pick up a spare a while back from a wrecker.

    The Phoenix site still lists the 78 stripe kits in all three colors: but at $495! There is a guy at my work who does computer vinyl cutting as a sideline but like you I think I would prefer paint. Have you ever painted the green billboards?

    The biggest obstacle I face now is getting the right shades. I haven't seen one locally to compare to and mine are so faded they're of no use in trying to match with any paint codes. Digital photos might work but we all know colors change from pc to pc and printer to printer.

    Oh well, no hurry anyway since it will take me some time to repair it's battle damage with mother nature! :D
  11. Guess i was thinking of the red, since I had a 78 that was originally wht/red.

    I recall reading somewhere that any existing repros were quite aged, and iffy as to usability, but I'm sure somebody will chime in that actually has experience with that kit.

    We did a camaro Z28 a few years back with one of their kits, and the paper premask was a real bear to remove. MUCH harder to get off than anything we could get for a late model through the OEMs.

    I have seen original Ford 78 kits go for even more $$$ than the repros, and it's a crapshoot as to whether the adhesive is any good after that long.

    And no, I've never painted the 78 stripes, we wound up going with the 76-77 blk/gold scheme on the '78.
  12. The Pheonix Graphics stuff is top notch, the best repro decals in the biz. Yes, the 78 kit is expensive, but consider just how many pieces you are getting. It's a BIG kit to do the 78 Cobra :).

    As for the Marti report, I don't know why you think the car has to be registered to get one?? It's definitely the best sheet of info you can have for the car, other than the actual build sheet. I got mine in 3 weeks, which was VERY fast. WELL worth the money.
  13. I'm extemely jealous. :mad:
    Where did you find it.
    My first car was a green 78 Cobra and I had toyed with making mine a clone.
    I'll wait to see what you do now.
    I had looked around for nice pics of a green one but they are rare that's for sure.

    No louvers at all. :shrug:

    I still haven't made it out to see you but some day I hope to get in touch.

    Nice find and good luck.

  14. a friend of mine in winnipeg had a 2.3L cobra, and i have seen a white/green cobra here too, but that was years ago. nice find!! looks like a backlane in calgary near my sisters place!!
  15. Sal,

    According to the Marti webpage I need to provide a title (which we don't use in Alberta) or a copy of the registration to get the report. I haven't called to order mine yet as I will probably get antique plates (registration) for it as soon as I can take some time off. My insurance company has agreed to insure for one day so I can get registration. Antique plates here are a one time fee and are good for life plus with plates on it the bylaw cops can't give me any grief. :D

    Putter and innocentfool,

    Indeed I found the car in Calgary, saw an ebay auction for a horn button and emailed the seller about the rest of the car. Said he was going to part it out and scrap the leftovers. He agreed to sell me the whole car instead. Only parts he sold were the horn button and instrument cluster of which I had spares. The rear louvres were in the back (had a couple of breaks in the aluminum welded up this weekend) and one side louvre was included as well.

    I'm in the process of getting another '78 Cobra and picked this one up as a parts car but I just don't have the heart to part it out so it will get fixed up as well.
  16. Na, they don't need that. You can call and order it anytime. If you like, I can scan my report so you can see what info you'd be getting.
  17. 78 Cobra(blue/white)

    Hey Francis
    I had to take a trip for mine,I flew to New York and drove it back to Edmonton(4365kms).It is for the most part orig minus rims/tires and some engine work (V8).We will have to get together in Red Deer.Also now with snow on the ground its might be a bit tricky to get pics of the King(graphics)
    but I will do what I can.Greg
  18. I am definately going to put some effort into the II this winter.
    Francis I meant to get in touch with you all summer and never did, even cruised though Carstairs one day on the way home looking for a II.
    It would be great to all get together some time in the spring, it'll give me some added pressure to get the job done. Red Deer would be a good place for me as I spend half my summer out by Penhold. Let's try and set something up. :shrug: :canada:
  19. Pretty much what Cobraman said:

    I installed the King Cobra decal kit from Graphic Express. Excellent quality reproduction (Ford Official Licensed Product) using 3M material.
  20. Two questions: Is the blackout under the windows tape or painted, and does it have a black rear panel like the brochure illustration?[​IMG]

    I think Ford passed on the black lamp panel, but original 78s are hard to find, and this one looks pretty original. :banana: