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  1. That Ford photo is definitely pre-production, but it's the only public green stripe 78 photo I've ever seen them use. The never did the black tail panel on the 77.5-78 Cobra, but the black under the windows is correct. Been a while since I owned that car, but I THINK it was painted.
  2. The decal kit I have is the black under the window is a decal,even has the cut to go around the mirror.
  3. Yup, definitely a decal for the black along the doors and qtr window. Mine has the white tail panel. I have wondered about that photo, in one of my old magazines it stated the Cobra option could be ordered on a Mach car...they even noted how it would be called a "Mustang II Mach I Cobra II" try fitting that on your registration slip :D I have never seen one, but perhaps they included the Mach I blackout on a Cobra II?

    Greg, your Cobra and King are both very inspiring, I can't believe you drove it back from New York! I look forward to getting together in person to hear the whole tale...from the photos you sent it looks like a beautiful "barn find". No rush yet on the King photos, I still have a pile of work on it before I'm even near worying about graphics.

    Unfortunately I will continue to use my old excuse of no heat in the garage, so I'm not sure if I will have any of my cars in show condition in time for the Red Deer swap meet (see you there too Putter?). I will be showing up in a II though! I haven't been here for the last couple of days as I was working out the details on the other '78 I've been trying to get. I have been trying to get this car for almost 2 years now! It has been a string of misfortune and misinformation. I haven't even seen it yet but I have assurances it's mine. Was to pick it up one weekend this summer...buddy's trailer get's stolen, the went to go see it a few weeks later and the seller had to move it because of neighbors whining about unlicensed cars, then I was to pick it up today and the owners mother died today...oh well, when the time is right it will happen. All I know is that it's a white with red visible rust and a 302/4-speed. Fingers crossed this all pans out (with my luck it will turn out to be a Gremlin :D).

  4. Sal,

    Thanks for the offer. I've seen the deluxe report a few times at car shows on some Mustangs and Torinos and was impressed with the info provided, a nice personalized piece of information. I will definietly be ordering up a few. I will have to pay down my credit card first since I'll be doing a bulk order. I definitely want one for "Elvis" (my King), this Cobra, my daily driver Ghia and hopefully the "other" Cobra IF I ever get it.

  5. Here's a couple of pics of some of my other projects.
    The tan one is my daiy driver '77 Ghia (I've since painted the day it will get it's vinyl back)
    The blue one is a '77 Ghia that gave up it's power train to the tangerine coupe beside it. It was so badly rusted I couldn't justify saving it.

    The '78 Tangerine car is my daughter's boyfriend's. It had a 2.3 but now is running the blue car's 302.

    And here's ELVIS "The King"

    On it's way home on the trailer. It was relatively complete but the motor was a seized '74 block that is now at the rebuilders getting a bit of a warming over. ('69 351W heads, roller rockers, 30thou bore, and a Magnum 280H cam). The original 4 speed has been pulled and sealed away for safe keeping. Still seeking a T5. I've also tracked down some King rims to replace the 14" slots it came with. Plans are to restore to original appearance.


    The hood graphics are a mix of original and some new vinyl that looks like it was applied to the car and then cut out with a razorblade to "resemble" the original snake. I've pulled off the hood, wet sanded it to clean it up and then sprayed a couple of coats of clear. It's hanging on my bedroom wall now as "art" I have another rustfree hood for the car.
  6. 14" slots, you say? Been looking for a set for a while. If you decide to liquidate them, give me a shout.
  7. Well, it took a while but I found some pictures of my old II.
    Scanned, converted X2, cropped, shrunk, file format changed.
    Hope they turn out OK.
    It was a 302 4 speed.
    I wish I had that car back. Good luck Francis. :nice:

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  8. We had quite an argument here once as to whether the black/green 78 CBII's were actually produced. I'm glad to hear that you've seen one. I think that it would be a wicked color combo.

    Francis, hows the white / green CBII project coming? How about your GT 140? I used to check your website weekly to see the neat things you were doing with it... :)
  9. Here's a pic of one I tracked down, supposedly in original paint..a very rare combo I think! [​IMG]

    QUOTE=78CobraII;6686060]Francis, hows the white / green CBII project coming? How about your GT 140? I used to check your website weekly to see the neat things you were doing with it... :)[/QUOTE]

    Well progress is slow on the Cobra as it's winter, but I have been working on getting parts into shape. The rear spoiler is done with new graphics done in paint. Actually heading to the shop today to try and get the hood and replacement doors into a fresh coat of white so I can start on the graphics for them. GT 140 is at a stand still right now, just haven't got the room in my garage and figured I should get one of the "easier" projects out of the way first...really miss not having a decent looking II to drive around in and GT 140 is still a long ways away.

    Here's a pic of the replacement spoiler for the Cobra just after I painted it will get clear coat when I do the rest of the car:[​IMG]

  10. I love it! It looks like a full size Hot Wheels car with that paint scheme lol:D