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  1. is the shelby gt 500 going to be a continuous production car? or will it be a limited release for one year? :shrug:
  2. I think its limited to 2 or 3 years I may be wrong on how long but I know its limited
  3. i'm not sure i dont' think they've said. I was kinda thinking it may only be one yr thing cuz of 07 being 40th anv.
  4. Ford is on the record as saying they will produce enough to satisfy all the demand. I see it running for at least 2 years but not more than 3.
  5. 7500 a year for 2 - 3 years.
  6. As long as they make an 08 I will be happy. I should be able to afford one by then and hopefully not be gouged on the price.
  7. 07 Would be the 43rd year of the Mustang. Not sure how you're coming up with 40, seeing how the 40th anniversary of the Mustang was last year, with the MCA celebration in Nashville.... :shrug:
  8. 40th of the Shelby GT500.

  9. Ahhh, gotcha....
  10. Several recent Ford publications have clearly addressed the production volume issue. There is no set limit. The car is to be manufactured in what ever volume will be consumed. This will eliminate their dealers ability to use terms like rare, hard to get, limited or other nonsense to justify gouging. Ford is currently enjoying the volume sales of the 05's and is obviously providing a means to do likewise with the GT500.
  11. While I appreciate what you are saying, I certainly expect to be lied to when I go to get one! Nothing to stop the dealers to say whatever they want to say to jack up the price. But we'll all know better.

    I expect the first 6 months it will be close to impossible to buy one for less than MSRP. After that, should be pretty easy.
  12. The Mach 1 (2003 and 2004) was advertised by many to be limited production. Many dealers sold it for thousands over the sticker. Ford then increased production. Ford had to add rebates and some had to sell for less than invoice to get rid of the cars. That upset many who paid premium prices. Same thing could happen again. I bought a 2003 Mach 1 with a sticker of $29,000 for $24,000, taxes included. That's after the car set on the dealer's lot for about a year. I was initially asked $33,000 for it. I hope Ford dealers quit screwing with us like that.
  13. Yea, even Cobra's after a year can be found for cheap. I bought my '03 Convertable in '04 for $29,500 with 9000 miles on it, it originally had a $41,000 sticker. It was still in perfect shape.
  14. Yea, the local dealer got in 3 Mach 1s in 2003. They asked $35K for them (sticker just over $29K). First sold immediately for $35K, the 2nd went for $32K a couple months later, the 3rd sat on their lot for 9 months finally selling around invoice + rebate.
  15. I hope that it's rare enough so I don't have to deal with NE Ohio's BS emission testing. With my current Cobra, SVT sent a certificate showing that my vehicle was of limited production, which is necessary to show the Ohio BMV to get collectors tags that are exempt from testing.
  16. I thought all Cobras got that? Or did that start later? My '03 came with a certificate.

  17. Yes, all Cobra owners received a build certificate after purchasing the car new (used owners can request one from SVT as well).

    I think BlackOnBlackCobra96 was trying to convey that he used the certificate as a means to "bypass" emissions testing in his neck of the woods (since it allowed him to obtain collectors license plates, which then rendered his vehicle exempt from emissions testing). Make sense?

  18. My 98 SVT Contour came with a certificate and so did my buddies 95 Cobra.
    All SVT cars come with them.
  19. I do not want to buy the first year of this model and I dont want to be bent over!!!

  20. That's alright, one more for me. :D <----Guy who already has his on reserve.