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  1. Does anyone know if Professional Product intakes have the same, exact dimensions as their respective edelbrock brothers? i cant find the height on the pro product intake that is equivalent to a vic jr.

  2. A friend of mine bought one of these Edelbrock wanna-bees for his '90 LX. He spent over 8hrs trying to modify it to make it work as the upper and lower didn't line up right, thermostat housing wouldn't line up right, ect. He finally gave up and just bought the real deal. I was going to go the same route myself for my '67 but learned from his should too...otherwise you'll end up having an expensive piece of scrap metal in your garage. Just my $.02
  3. hmmmmm

    your friend is the first one that I have ever heard of having some kind of problem with these intakes. Everyone else I have talked to over the past few months have had no problems.

    I just ordered one this evening. I will let everyone know how well it fits.
  4. The first cast where crap but the new ones fit like the more expensive ones he he hee.
  5. It's hard to tell from the pictures of the carbed intakes, but the one that "looks" like the Performer RPM, looks as though the carb pad is moved to the rear, to center the primary carb bores on the intake. Not good for performance at wide open throttle.
  6. i got the polished vic jr style one :)
  7. Nothing personal to you Shane....but these "Made in China" rip-offs are in no way a "brother" of the "Made in the USA" by true American, hard working brothers and sisters in the Eldelbrock Company! :flag:
  8. I'm not even an American and I think the same way.

    Also, It's worth a hundred points in "Bling" effect when you have an Intake that actually says "Edelbrock Performer RPM" on it. :D
  9. This thread has nothing to do about how damn american you feel it's about an intake question that has not be answered.
  10. The young just don't get it, what ashame. Don't worry someday you will.
  11. He will when he's out of work, because the company he worked for shut down his plant to move it to China to save $$.
  12. Fostang......

    Its cool. The measurements are, indeed, identical to their edelbrock counterparts. I didnt realize that this thread was going to turn into an american vs chinese thread. I have been looking for a victor jr all over the place and couldnt find one for a decent price. It seems like they are one of the priciest intakes new or used next to a funnel web. I have heard good things about these pro-product intakes, seen them at NMRA races, and various swap meets for sale. The price was right, so, I bought it.

    Now, those of you that argue about American made and sending jobs to china....lets all just calm down.

    As a matter of fact, this thread should probably go ahead and be locked since my question was answered and i have the intake on the way.
  13. I highly doubt that (reason being it's for the federal government).

    Now you guys are going to argue illegal immigrants are taking the jobs of americans right. :rlaugh:

    I'd love to see any of you picking produce. :rolleyes:
  14. Good for you.

    I agree.
  15. Sal,

    I too work for the fed govt :) I have the apitomy of a "Cushy govt job"
  16. Man, I have posted about ten things and erased them all.

    All I can say is, good luck to you, Fostang.
  17. When i'm elected president, your job too will be gone.......... I'm going to run on the platform that's based on my firm belief that NO government employee ( this includes state employees too) should be allowed to serve more than 5 years, for life. After 5 years in government service, you're history, for the rest of your life, no ifs ands, or buts.You must go back to private life, and pull the wagon like the rest of us. Life time government emplyees tend to create more government jobs, instead of serving the public's interests. This is why government continues to grow and grow, it NEVER gets smaller. :notnice: And as for immigrants only doing farm jobs, come over to Texas and you'll see that's not true. They're doing all sorts of jobs, they're not just for the farm anymore. :rolleyes:
  18. and all this has to do with a lil poor copied intake. :(

    Even people over sea's need to eat.

    This is another reason why foreign countries hate us. :(

    We are self centered bastards that can't spare a little.

    5 years eh.....I'm still not even done with training.

    Special agents aren't something you can just replace at your will.
  19. Everybody's replaceable!!!!!! I learned that a long , long time ago. If you can do the job, then there's a whole line of others that can also. :D
  20. This can be a hot-button topic for people, making a living is pretty important. I guess I'm risking by posting on this that people will get angry at me. Oh well, I'm not always the brightest bulb.

    I understand no one wants to lose their job, but in the long run everyone wins with competition (my opinion). What competition means is that every company has to continually strive to reduce the cost to make their product, or make their product better. The consumer gets a better product, a cheaper product or both. The end result is a higher standard of living, because people can buy more things for less money. The computer industry is a great example of this.

    The research and development work (highly paid workers) is done in the US. Then the production is shipped overseas and done in China or the far east. End result is a great product constantly getting better and cheaper.

    The US is the most productive country in the world: we get the most value out of our workers. I'm proud of that. I also strongly believe that companies here can continue to innovate and improve and lead the world.

    D.Hearne, I love your idea about a time limit on government work.

    Since I can't leave well enough alone, I have one more thing. Some of us will remember how crappy US cars used to be in the mid 70s. Then the Japanese came in and started whipping the big three in sales. End result: cars are WAY better now. GO GO USA!! :flag: