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  1. Sure, competition helps improve products and the efficiency of businesses. But they need to engineer and make their own products. If you have watched 60 minutes recently you will know that the knock off trade is a multi-billion dollar industry out of China. It's not just intakes, it's every designer label in the world, it's golf clubs, it's watches, it's everything.

    These products are imitations, and they are often poorly made replicas from pirated dies. A Calloway driver is a good example. The titanium model is duplicated in China, but it is made of steel instead if titanium, and it is a welded two piece instead of forged one piece. There have been cases of the clubs flying apart on impact. There are no safety standards, no regulations on quality, no recriminations if someone gets hurt using a knock-off product, and Chinese officials look the other way as these sweatshops crank out crap.

    It's not about illegal immigration, and it's not about competition. It is flat out fraud.

    Of course no americans want to pick fruit, but if your head is not in the sand, you will realize illegals are taking warehouse jobs, restaurant jobs, lawn care, roofing, construction, etc. It's everywhere, even here in Minnesota. And it's a completely different issue than fraud.

    It's ok to work for the government. It's probably the safest way to avoid losing your job to an illegal or a corporation shifting manufacturing overseas. But don't pretend to understand the situation and tell people that have been around the block a few times that it is not an issue.

    That is just plain ignorant. :(
  2. Many help lines for state gov are now handled by companies located in India. The most ironic (sad) is the emplyment offices. There are few jobs that can't be done remotely. Once all the middle and lower class people are unemployed and not paying federal tax, look for a bunch of those cushy gov jobs to dry up as well.
  3. illegal aliens pump millions into our economy and through taxes they are charged but aren't able to collect anything and have zero benefits.

    Every place you ask about these intakes it becomes a political battle.

    Save that to yourself and answer the question.

    BTW D.Hearn if you think it's an easy task to replace an agent especially during heightened terrorist threat times be my guest.

    It takes years to be ready and if you keep switching people nobody ever gets enough experience in the field to help newbies.
  4. Aren´t all Americans originally immigrants? What is the difference with illegal and legal immigrant? Yes, they don´t have the money and education... Somebody said something about being selfish...
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    I agree about the immigrants doing more than farm jobs, but I disagree about government jobs. IF they only work for 5 years, we waste valuable training money and experience on them. Government grows because we allow elected officials and the like to regulate things to death and otherwise grow government through creation of new agencies etc etc.
  6. my ancestors are immigrants (well, most of them were) but I'm not originally an immigrant.

    The difference btween legal and illegal? Illegals came into this country outside of the law, which means they are criminals. There is also evidence that many (not most or all) came in illegally because they could not legally enter due to restrictions such as not being a criminal already.

    I wouldn't call them selfish, and the money and education issue isn't always true either. Most just want the fast fading american dream.
  7. ""illegal aliens pump millions into our economy and through taxes they are charged but aren't able to collect anything and have zero benefits.""

    LOL. Let me get this straight: They pay all sorts of taxes but get nothing in return? Good one.

    Who pays when they get sick? Who pays for their schooling? Who pays for their food when they aren't working? Who pays for all the bi-lingual educational products? Where does the housing come from?

    If you think they aren't getting anything, you are living in a black hole. Illegals are a tremendous drag to the system. The only people who are really benefitting are their employers. At least an unchecked flow of illegals will provide YOU job security, Fostang.

    Don't get me wrong. I moonlight in the restaurant business, and I know a number of them and they are all hard workers who deserve what our ancestors got. But if you don't think that a large influx of illegals doesn't have a negative impact on our lifestayle, maybe you should look at where they came from. Every one that comes brings a little of that with them.

    Regardless, this was a conversation about fraudulant intakes, not the american dream, right? Chinese intakes are fraud. If they designed there own, well, that would be different.
  8. Anyone who shops at Walmart buys products made overseas. If we're uncomfortable with that then we should shop elsewhere.

    But you can’t fault people for making sound economic decisions that fit within their budget. Perhaps Edelbrock is a bit overpriced??? I don’t know. It all depends on what the market will support. So if Professional Products can make a quality intake that meets your needs at affordable prices, then why not buy it.

    It’s your car so do what works for you. And be proud that you did the best you could with what you had.
  9. I understand the concept, but Wal-Mart doesn't sell clone items, just items made in China. There is a difference.

    Do clone cars passed off as the real thing piss you off? So should clone products.
  10. Does the Professional Products intake say "Edelbrock" on it? If not, I don't care.

    If D.Hearne gets a good deal on a good product that's within his budget, then there's nothing wrong with him buying it.
  11. Suit yourself.

    I prefer to think of the bigger picture.
  12. I believe we can do better than simply saying, “Buy American”. If you and I produce a similar product but you can produce and sell it for less, people will buy from you. I can then try to become more efficient, or I can try to shame my customers into coming back. The US has tried that approach before. Remember the mindset that almost destroyed the US auto industry in the 1970s?

    Now that’s an example of the “big picture”. History speaks for itself.

  13. So your telling me you don't use any of of things they require to live also?

    On top of that you still get a tax break here and there and are able to operate without a problem.

    Aren't you a drag also then?

    Umm yes we all brought some of us to this country ancestors or first generation immigrants. That is why this country is so great. We are a mixture of a vast variety of ethnicities. For the most part we try to bring the best of us and leave the crap behind.

    Believe me if all immigrants could migrate legally they would have done so.
    It's not that easy as to just say ok I want to immigrate. Sometime their countries put bans on them so they need to be smuggled out etc.

    For the most part I would not do 95% of the jobs illegals do. I would refuse to as most of us do.

    An intakes an intake just remember who designed it, the hard working hands of american laborers.
  14. Isn't this a cool thread!
  15. I don't know how much cheaper the intake made in China is over the Edelbrock, but I think we should all remember, You Get What You Pay For.
  16. I buy whatever I can from either salvage yards or the internet (and often from salvage yards on the internet!) and I understand the need to be thrifty. On the other hand, about half the money currently invested in my engine is in new American made products. Edelbrock products at that! But I can't and won't tell anyone what to put on their car to satisfy my national pride.

    This hobby of ours is based on the idea of mix and match and modify and fabricate. There's no one in this forum that doesn't have parts on their car that were made overseas. And not all American companies have sterling reputations.

    Bottom line is... It's your car. Do the best you can with what you've got.
  17. Oh, Really? Then how in the wide, wide world of sports, did we EVER win WWII ? :D As I recall, we won that war, in less than 5 years, with nothing but fresh recruits and a little training. :nice: If you keep switching in fresh people, you get fresh ideas, :nice: and nobody's allowed to build their own little feifdoms and thereby create more and more wasteful cushy government jobs that are the REAL drain on the economy. :notnice: As for the terroist threat, I see no threat. Any threat that there may be against myself, I can handle myself. As I recall, ever since the last hijacked airliner that went down, NOBODY has succeeded with another hijacking here, they know DAMN full well, that those former "sheeple" passengers aren't going to sit quietly and be let their planes be rammed into buildings. so the "terrorist's" have written that situtation out of their play book. :flag:This country has been built on the work of inexperienced people that have done extraordinary things whenever called upon, there's no need for life-time government employees, :flag:
  18. Actually it was less that 4 years!
  19. Ok, yes, less than 4 years :nice: I was wrong on that account. :flag: :D
  20. oh brother. :rolleyes:

    I didn't write the rules I'm just using them to my advantage.

    I don't plan on sticking around till retirement.

    I am always on the go and seeking much more than just the same thing day in day out.