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  1. Look, Fostang, :nice: I like you and value your input here on SN, just I have a bugaboo about the government and it's continued expansion, that has no end in sight. The founding fathers never intended for it to be that way. I believe as they did. Government service, should be just that, not a career, it's the career people that keep the expansion going to serve their own interests. :notnice:
  2. It is a liittle hard to believe and a little scary that we are waste resorces to train people that have no regaurd for our safety. "illegal aliens pump millions into our economy and through taxes they are charged but aren't able to collect anything and have zero benefits." I wish we were training people that are a little more concerned about undocumented immigrants, not defending them. It is also odd that all the defenders of china are gov employs.
  3. Here is a pro products that I had on my 347.

    Nice looking piece but not right for my motor.

    It needs a home...........I'm in MO. It's going on the classifieds today.
  4. Ah, just as I suspected, the carb pad on that PP intake IS moved to the rear to center the primaries on the intake. DEFINATELY not good for performance, but marginal for 2 bbl operation. That's probably how they got away with copying Edelbrock's RRM, it ain't an identical intake.

  5. There you go people it's not a direct copy. Nothing to be alarmed about the warning filter can now be turned off. :D :rlaugh: :lol:

  6. It just depends who you talk to. I'm more concerned about drugs, alcohol, tabacoo, and firearms. :flag:
  7. LOL, they did a thing on TV not long ago with edelbrocks and those pos intakes. They dont line up for crap on the intake gaskets. You would have to port match and then it would still be for crap. Personally Id buy the edelbrock or you could go to the SN store and buy the cheap crap. :rolleyes:
  8. Vis Edelbrock is a pioneer and designs and builds products nobody else will make. Aluminum heads for AMC's and Oldsmobiles. Fuggedaboutit! If an entrepeneur were in China making these things from their own research when nobody else was, I would buy them without a second thought. That's true of a lot of products, including the computer I am typing this on.

    And no Fostang, I am not a drag on the system. The government has never paid me, I have never required special expenses, and I have never been on unemployment or welfare because I would pick fruit before doing it.

    Someday, you will be in the private sector and have a little more empathy for Americans who lose their jobs to foreign competition simply because shareholders and CEO's want a ten million bonus this year instead of five.

    My car is a hobby, not food clothing or shelter. I can afford to spend a little extra on quality American products.
  9. Well 2 guys I know are running 11.90 in the quarter with these intakes. One of them on his 3rd try and he says it has more in it.
  10. Hmmm.....and Randy Weaver just wanted to be left alone too...

    They seem to be feeding northern Californian's the same BS line they are trying to sell down here about how much the illegals pump into the economy...but that's crap.

    They (the illegals) show up not to partake in the grand american dream, but to either ship money back home to their relatives, or have their children in american hospitals at the expense of insured americans and reap the welfare benefits for their children who are now citizens, who qualify because the illegals typically take cash paying jobs that aren't taxed. There is some blame to be taken by the companies that hire them too though.

    Federal employee's aren't really the problem. It's the elected officials and the apathetic public who don't pay attention to the knuckleheads in congress. The president is only around for a max of 8 years, there are people in congress who've been there for 50.... But even then, all it takes is one four year term in congress to qualify for the "golden parachute" retirement, full pay for the rest of your life...that is a disgrace to the working public if I've ever heard one.
  11. Yeah ok

    So how about them intakes......

    None of those guys are using a power adder.

    It's all motor through the use of 5 speed t-5.