Profit Or Loss?

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  1. To many people our Fox's are a hobby to drag race, hot rod, restore or just daily drive. Some have done either mild or extensive work on their cars. I'm wondering how much people have invested in their Fox hobby from date of purchase to either today or the day they sold it.

    How much do you have in your Fox?
    How much did you (or could) you sell it for?
    Profit of loss?

    Seeing that @Sharad just sold that awesome 89 LX made me think about all of this. I've read the articles that he did when he first bought the unmolested car and immediately started toying around with it and one thing led to another and now it's in somebody else's garage. A lot of time, money and hard work is all a memory for that guy.

    Other people off the top of my head that either have "completed" builds or have done extensive work @84Ttop @tannerc91gt @RacEoHolic330 @TOOLOW91 @2000xp8 @boostfrk @hoopty5.0 @madspeed etc
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  2. My car is still way out from being drivable. I have $2,300 for roller car with motor, another $1k in wheels, another $1k in headers, h-pipe, SFC's, 3g kit, roller rockers etc. and the car is in pieces.

    So I'm about $4,300 in it at the moment. I'll be double that before I get it driving on the road.
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  3. In 2000 I bought my 89' Saleen with 79K original miles for $10K . At that time it had quite a few mods already, aluminum heads, supercharger, Baer brakes and a host of other suspension/chassis mods. Since then I have spent about $60K on the car, and right now it does not run and the odometer shows 80,215 miles.
  4. Counting all the parts in my garage, plus the original purchase price, probably about $12k. Still needs a good paint job to be considered "finished". If I had to sell today, with the new HCI installed, I think $6500 would be my bottom dollar. So about 1/2 of what I have invested. With a good paint job, I'd say $8500-$9000.

  5. I will decline to engage the how much is invested in my car question lol
    How much could I sell it for? Not enough...
    This always results in a loss
    No regrets!
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  6. Loss all the way. It a hobby, and not an investment.
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  7. Im holding over 45k in reciepts on my car and that does not include half the labor costs if you are going to do serious modding make sure your only future plans are to keep car.
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  8. paid 3800 for the car and close to 16k in and counting. Its always a loss.
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  9. If I had to guess, maybe $10-12,000 spent. It's worth less than that.

  10. interesting i would have guessed you had 6 or 7k just in paint job
  11. when i say 45k im including price i bought car for and all the reciepts from 2005 till now...not many parts left on my car have not been replaced. But ah yes loss for sure the only way to win is keep car which has always been my only plan
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  12. Its always going to be a loss...and that's doing all the labor yourself. If had to pay someone for all the hours I have put in my stang, I woulden't be able to own a stang. When I was 18 I bought a $400 86 4cyl and drove it home on 3 cyl. That's when I learned its better to buy books and tools than pay someone else to work on your car. I would be at a loss if I was to sell it, and I still need a paint job to make it a car show car. Im not in to car shows, I just want a car that will put a smile on my face everytime I take it out of the garage.
  13. Well, you made me feel a little better about myself today. I "only" have $30K into my car; it still has hatch rust, 1/4 of the suspension has been refreshed in the past 15 years, speedo doesn't work, 1/3-1/2 of the interior needs replacement/refurb, and I've only got GT-40P heads and an Edelbrock intake. I can, at least, drive it though.
  14. Did the prep and jambs myself with the help of a friend. Bought the materials and had it painted as a project for two 17 year old brothers. Basically cost materials, maybe $1500 all said and done.
  15. you definitely got your moneys worth
  16. bought my car for $4000 in the late 90s,drove the hell out of it with minor bolt ons,just put around 17k into it and counting,not including all the hours i put into it,painted myself also,prob a 4-5k paint job inside and out...priceless to me at the moment,but always will be a loss unfortunately,but its a blast to drive!,and i can say i did it myself...
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  17. Questions like these make me glad I kept my car all stock!
  18. i can appreciate a stock fox for sure,but a built fox is another story,i have no regrets!,puts a smile on my face every time!
  19. I like Grover's "stock" car. Especially that turbo 363 option lol. I'm at about 9k as it sits. Probably be closer to 20 by end of next year. These definetly are "hobby" cars unless you can find some low mileage special production example(cobra,Saleen,etc)
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  20. I think I figured that I had about 17-18k in the red car. Not including about 1000 hrs of build time where nobody got paid a dime.

    Sold it for 14.5 w/ all of the perks that came as a result of the sale.


    The G.M. will eclipse that amount.

    It will not sell for a fraction of the original dollar invested.

    Mega Loss.

    Mega don't care either.
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