proform electric fan install any pics?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 331 stang91, May 1, 2005.

  1. I am putting in a proform electric fan, on my 91 gt. Does anyone have ang pics of this fan of others installed on there cars. It would clear up some questions I have thanks!
  2. That is perfect exactially what i needed thanks!!!!!
  3. your fan looks like crap nick
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  5. Any trouble out of the Proform fan? I was thinking of getting it because it is so much cheaper than the Black Magic. My car runs warmer than I want in traffic, figured an electric fan would help
  6. mine stays anywhere from 185-200 degrees. No problems with it yet. And it's hit a 90 a couple times already here.

  7. this is the only pic that i have now :sad:, ill get more for ya tomrmow if you want

    edit: the fan works great. the only problem is that i didnt like the brackets, so i had to fabricate some of my own to make sure that it would hold a bit better!
  8. sure you get a good forum going then a dick like guiksilver comes in and talks crap. I'm guessing he's really jealous of your car nick so he's talking crap. Thanks again for the pics
  9. WHats your problem?
  10. im just kidding with him, I have the same fan, works good
  11. Hey, where did you guys put the sensor?!?!?

    Am I supposed to "make a hole" and shove it through the fins or smoosh it up against the top row of fins from the oustide (leave it where it starts and press the fan in) ?

    My original fan did have a probelm. They are weak. real real real weak. Dont let anything brush the blades even when stopped. Snapped right off.
  12. Look at the second picture I posted. You can see the sender in the radiator, as close as you can get it to the inlet of the radiator (top hose) Yes, you just push it through the fins. It works fine.
  13. Wow.....I totally didnt see that. Will do. It's going in tonight.
  14. I wish these pictures were still available....
  15. Holy thread bump batman. 9 years?
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  16. Yeah, well I was doing some serious research and spent over an hour looking for a write up on an electric proform fan. I found a whole lot of JUNK JUNK JUNK comments with nothing to back it up. No reasons, no pics, no nothin. Then I found this thread that looked promising but the damn thing is so old the hosted site for the pictures is either no longer around or the guy moved his pics for one reason or another. Bummer.

    So I finished my Proform install myself. Scrambled up the best knowledge I could on doing an electric fan in general and made it happen. I took plenty of pics and will do a write up. Right now it's back to work on my car but check back soon for the first official ProForm write up right here on StangNet bidges ;)