Roush Progress on the saleen

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by forced87GT, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. I purchased my saleen 3 months ago and well I couldn't leave it stock. lol

    The day I picked her up


    A cloudy day


    A nice day


    So far I have installed these on the back bumper. I do like them, but they are not made for this year saleen. The fit is a little off. But I bought them on ebay for $5.00 so I am not complaining.


    Then I installed this. Little tricky, but its all together and installed in the car.
    The worst part was the 90 mm MAF. I had to trim the MAF and the rubber elbow to get her to fit.

    View attachment 252686

    No pics yet, but soon. I also installed a set of 42 pound injectors and a lightning MAF. Also JDM sent me a fuel pump and a 2.9 blower pulley.
    So now I need her dyno tuned. Should have numbers in a week.
  2. Nice car, I love the color!!!
  3. I would remove the back inserts for the sole reaseon some letters are higher and lower then others....
  4. nice car love the color and the center exhaust exit
  5. They were a PIA to get them close. I think the center exhaust bumper and the regular bumper are different. Lettering wise.

    Anyone know of a place to buy really nice ones?