Progress pics of my light titanium notch

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  1. I think black vinyl is pretty damn rare. I'd mothball those seats somewhere safe for 20 years :)
  2. LOL! We all know why you really like vinyl seats...
  3. i couldnt run 28" slicks on my car, they rubed my ground effects and fender, but i think u can get away with it, with a lx

  4. Easy cleaning?? :shrug:

  5. very sweet build
  6. Whenever more than "light interior cleaning" is necessary, vinyl is the only way to go.
  7. Well, I thought I would give you guys an update since I haven't in a while.

    Anyway, my car made 417rwhp on a local Mustang dyno. I brought it out to the track a few days later with 275/60/15 ET streets, which helped my traction issues hugely. My TKO was giving my some issues getting in to 4th gear though so I didn't get very many good runs. I was either getting crappy 60' times and hitting all the gears, or getting good 60' times and missing a gear.

    My best time ended up being [email protected], but I missed 4th on that run. My car was running around 118mph when I hit all the gears and the Density Altitude was around 4500'. Next year after some more fine tuning of things(especially my drriving), I hope to get it in to the 11.5's and in the 120's all motor, and then I'll throw a 200+ shot at it.
  8. ive had similar problems with my tko, make sure your shifting into 4th with your hand on top of the shifter rather than grabbing it from the side otherwise your natural body motion will pull the shifter towards you a slight bit and it will hit a wall going into 4th.
  9. That's why I offset the shift lever on mine by about 3"
  10. Thanks for the tip, I'll give that a try. I had to adjust my shifting technique a bit to get the tranny in to 3rd consistently, but when i was having problems with 3rd i would never have problems with 4th. Now that I have 3rd figured out, 4th is givin me issues, lol. But I'll definately give that a shot, and i'll probly be getting an MGW short throw over the winter too, which will probably help as well.
  11. The reason 3rd and 4th gear changes are difficult with the TKO is that the shifter location is in a completely different spot than it is with the T5. I have a Pro5.0 on a T5 in my LX, and another Pro5.0 on the TKO in my GT- the TKO when in 2nd is closer to the passenger seat than reverse is with the T5. Even with the best of shifters, this made 3rd and 4th gear changes awkward, and I found my self getting locked out of both of them regularly. It was far worse with the Tri-Ax I had on the TKO first. Regardless, simply offsetting the shift lever completely negated the issue, problem solved for under $2 at the local hardware store.
  12. If you want to race drag or road the G force preped dog ring t5 is by far a superior tranny. Once you go no syncros you will never look back. Will it hold up?? Ive had mine behind a 408 w for 3 years no problems and I drive it like I stole it. Once and a wile even shift off the limiter with no clutch.. just do it. chris
  13. Dog rings in a street car? You couldn't give me an unsynchronized tranny if it came with a complimentary Ferrari. Well, maybe if that...
  14. Well the MGW gives you the ability to offset the shifter quite a bit in any direction, which is one of the main reasons I want it. Plus I just haven't heard a bad thing about it from anybody.
  15. Time for some more progress pics :)

    My current project I'm working on for the stang is building a Megasquirt. Megasquirt II to be more precise, using the MSII extra code. I am also working on swapping EDIS off of a 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis. I have all the parts together now for the swap except the crank position sensor, and then I have the mount the crank position sensor, the 36-1 crank wheel and wire it all up.

    Anyway...For now I just have a picture of this little board I just finished building the other night. It's called a stimulator, and it's used to test various things on your Megasquirt, both as you are building it and as you add new code or other things to it at a later date.
    It took me approximately 3-4 hours to solder all the components on this thing. There is a much simpler one I could have built, but this one has far more functionality.


    Currently I'm working on assembling the Megasquirt - EEC-IV adapter board. Basically what this does is it's a board that fits in to the stock EEC-IV case and it adapts the Megasquirt to the factory harness with no cutting to it at all. You can even configure the Megasquirt to use all the factory sensors, essentially making it a Plug'n'Play set up once you have all this stuff assembled....I'll get pics of the EEC-IV adapter board once I'm done. Should be in the next few days.

    And for those of you interested...I bought all my megasquirt related stuff from and recommend them for their great service if you are interested in doing this.
  16. That is some sick chit!!!!! :nice:
  17. I remembe this thread like yesterday, and it was started a year ago! WOW.....great work man! Post more pics when she is done!!
  18. man wish I could find some stuff like that in a wrecking yard!!! course all the ones up here suck
  19. I think you can hit the 120's pretty easily with this combo n/a. Iv been hitting 121's on my setup which is pretty close to the same thing. I was going 121 spinning very badly off the line, and a completely untuned engine. I think you'll hit the 11.0-11.3 mark n/a with some more seat time. Anyways very nice build, hope to see some 10.xx times soon from ya with that extra 250+ shot.:D

  20. It was pretty miraculous that I found it. It's probly the nicest condition car I've ever seen in that place and it was only out there a couple hours when I nabbed it! If I had waited until the next day, I'm sure it would have been gone.