Progress pics of my light titanium notch

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  1. Well, I got my new coil pack mount fabricated aswell as my crank position sensor mount, and got my 36-1 trigger wheel mounted on the crank. It's pretty well good to go. I just have to find a set of spark plug wires to work for this set up...which is proving pretty difficult. I also have the EDIS set up wired in to the stock harness and I have an adapter board that will allow me to plug the megasquirt directly in to the stock harness and I will also be able to use all the stock sensors. Plug and play!

    Should have some pics tonight.
  2. LOL I love the video at the track, looks like a handfull on those tires!
  3. Well here's the pics of my EDIS upgrade. Please excuse the cell phone pics. It's all I have right now :mad:

    First up is my coil packs and the mount I fabricated for them. I basicly cut my old MSD distributor in half and welded some **** on to it to mount the coil packs on.

    Now it holds the function of driving the oil pump and holding my coil packs. TFI FREE ZONE.


    Here is my EDIS 8 ignition module. The wiring is kinda messy at the moment, but I'll be putting the black wire loom **** over it soon and making it look nicer. I grabbed this, the coil packs and the crank sensor from the junkyard for $1 from a 97 Grand Marquis


    Here is my 36-1 trigger wheel and crank position sensor (AKA VR sensor). I made a custom aluminum mount for the VR sensor and the company who I bought my Megasquirt kit through also sold universal trigger wheels. With a little modification to the wheel it fit on rather nicely :)


    Now I gotta find spark plug wires for it. So far it's proving to be a pain in the ass, but I think thats because the guy I talked to at the local speed shop was kinda clueless. I'll return to him this week with a part number so he doesn't have to go through the very difficult task of looking **** up :rolleyes:
  4. cool. i always thought that cut off dizzy looking thing is what sent the signal.
  5. wow...thats all i gotta say. This is one of the most beautiful engines i have ever seen !! :nice::nice::nice::nice::nice::nice:
  6. I a newb about all the coil pack stuff, whats the advantage of running coil packs over a regular setup like on my car, MSD 6AL - Pro Billet Distr. - Single Coil???????

  7. all i know is that dist. have the cap and rotor and usually go bad and can be slightly off. coil packs are more accurate and i believe can send a bigger spark. Performance wise, i have no clue.
  8. Awesome Work!!!!!!
  9. Like was said earlier, the coil packs arem more reliable and a fair bit more accurate. I imagine if I got aftermarket coils, there would be stronger spark as well. It's an all around better system but not necessarily worthe doing all the work to convert.