Progress Pics

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  1. I so already saved all those pics.

    But Ill keep it under wraps. Dont worry.

    Why are you keeping it a secret again? I think I heard someone say you were going to be on Pinks or something.
  2. so johnny tran and the boys dont find out
  3. Pinks....

    I guess its not obvious the $$ in my car

    LOL, people just make crap up on this forum

    I'm not into gloating...showin off, etc one main reason I dont leave my pics up also so everyone doesnt bite my style
    Why I take um down mainly...everyone local has already gotten word on my car so no need tryin to keep it under wrap for Fun Ford Weekend anymore

  4. Save all the pics u want....make you feel special?

    I could care less, think I dont know everyone has the ability to save my pics when i post them...over 350 looks on this thread in 2 days, LOTS of eyes on this

    I get to see it in person...much better than pics:)

  5. LMAO.........................pinks, loose the race, get talked out yo ride
  6. Post on Stangnet...Get yo pics stolen and saved Yo!
  7. Everyone cares more about saving the pics, than giving feedback on the work done on the car

    Next post I'll have you guys re-post all my saved pics up for me...makin this stuff easier on me...THX
  8. I love it! lol
  9. Like I said before, that looks absolutely AWSOME, I wish I wasn't a poor college student.

    Whenever you finish, post number I'm very interested to see the gains over the t-trim
  10. Chris I get first dibs on a ride in it. Maybe this time we can avoid cops

  11. What does a turbo do?
  12. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
    :lol: :lol: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
    are you kiddin:rlaugh: g me do you really not know?

    no offense but:D
    its good to have a laugh.:hail2:
  13. So nobody ever answered the VNT question. As far as I know it means Variable Nozzle Technology.

    The tech was hot on the Dodge Daytona & Spirit R/Ts in the late '80s and early '90s. There is virtually no turbo lag becuase the fins were always changing their direction (sort of). Hard to xplane in text. Maybe other vehicles had the same idea and I am sure it's been 'round for a while.

    I think the Mitsu EVOs have the same thing just newer tech and a lot "ballsier."

    If SOMEONE :D could leave the pics up for more than 10 minutes I could see what we were talkin' 'bout Willis.
  14. yeah, they are just like the VGT that are used on the 18 wheelers. Full boost all the time.
  15. I guess I don't get all the attitude about wanting feedback, but not having the pics posted anymore. :shrug:

    I just came here, the thread is on page three, and page two is attitude about people saving your pics and offering to rehost them for you. What gives with that exactly?

    Consider me cornfused.
  16. Theres a pic up...whats the fuss?

    I was just pickin on guys for blahblah'in I saved your I really care
    Everyone thinks I have something to hide, when my main reason is I have no reason to show-out

    I was hoping for feedback, didnt get none in the 2 days they were up, so I removed them, next thing I know people claim my cars going on Pinks and some other fantasy world stuff.
  17. IF I read things correctly, you took the pics down, THEN people said they had a copy to repost. :shrug: Maybe I'm mistaken on when you took the pics down... guess it doesn't matter. Ever think they thought you had hosting/computer issues and were trying to HELP?

    Just reads a bit like you are pissed off and angry. I didn't get why, so thought I would ask. Not all of us live on here every minute of our lives. I'm lucky if I get to post 3-4 times a week. Two days isn't anything I would personally get worked up over. But then again, that's me. Do as you will... I'm just letting you know how it looks to someone that doesn't know you. :p :nice:
  18. Still a pic up..that I hosted

    What more do you want?
    Pics wont upset me...people cryin cause I took my pics down is quite entertaining to me...and letting me know they saved them and will re-post them since they think I'm tryin to keep my car under wraps

    You have anything constructive to say about the turbo kit by the way...or just wanna keep on and on about the pic hosting?
  19. Also in 2 days I had 300 views....with literally no feedback

    Make sense now...2 days is plenty time with 300 views