Progress Pics

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  1. thats a very large I/C!! is the t-trim goin on the fox?
  2. double post :mad:
  3. naw sold to offset this cost

    Sold it for 3k :)
  4. WOW, That looks awesome. Good work. I wanna see a video when it's done and tuned.:nice:

  5. Thxs guys!
  6. :hail2: awesome work, man :nice:
  7. I have perfect race for you if you want. A goat owner that talks **** about Mustangs.

  8. I dont street race anymore as I'm still on probation from that.
    If hed like to go to the track, sounds like fun.
  9. Absolutely amazing man, if you ever get bored I can drop off my car and you can do some cool crap to it too :p Looking great so far you have some crazy skills.
  10. chris,i want those wheels.are you running ffw?

  11. dude just watch pinks, youll see it on there

    bahuahuahauhauhuahuahauhauhauhauhhuauha:dead: :doh:

  12. I didnt do the fab work..hehe
  13. I wont be at FFW, but keep a eye out at your local tracks for a upcoming filiming of Pinks

    Stock block 25psi, and 150shot....
  14. Chris when you wanna run the tranny breaking 232ci beast?

  15. Put fluid in it next time, then will talk

    I thought you had a 91mm Thumper under the hood with all that whinning

    LOL..j/k mang
  16. I'll get some muffler bearings,Then we'll race on PINKS.
  17. Who is doing the tuning?
    With some help of course. ;)

  18. Ok the long run me