Progress Thread: 3G install / parts / pictures

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by srothfuss, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. i have forgotten and couldnt find it in this thread yet....

    what cars have the 3G alternator in them....just the newer stangs?

    what about the Taurus. They look similar, if not the same.

  2. Glad to see this thread help you. :SNSign:

    This the ground wire that I ran when I did mine.(1/0 Gauge) I ran it to the block where the factory battery ground goes and the other end where the EEC ground goes.
    Like this.

    Hope this helps.
  3. The only ones I have used were the 94-95 Mustang alternators. (3G). Not sure about the Taurus ones though.

  4. Thanks for the pic but I know that the ground starts there. Where does it end? You state that it is where the battery ground goes.....Should I just trace the negative wire from the battery and put the new ground there also?
  5. You can run a ground wire from where the negative battery cable goes to the block,or from the empty 7/16" threaded hole on the stock drivers side head to one of the sway bar mounting bolts.

    That`s a solid ground right to the frame.
  6. Just to add my two cents, instead of a fussable link or an inline fuse, I bought a circuit breaker from a speaker store. It cost $25 but if it blows on the road I won't have to find a replacement fuse. Also, you can take the factory 4 gauge wire coming off of the taurus alt (if you get one from the yard) and use that, you have to cut the loom apart a little. Not my idea, read it off of Stangnet, thanks guys!
  7. Im a noob, but whats the fuss over these 3G Alternators??? I see all kind of threads about them.... What sets them apart from any other aftermarket alts. Sorry for the noob-ish question but just wondering. Thanks

  8. No fuss,it`s just a big upgrade/improvement using factory parts,eg,a Ford 3g alternator usually 130amp or greater to replace the stock weak pos 75amp 2g alternator in fox Mustangs.
  9. AJ, Me-thinks you're going to have some issues crop up. It's wise to analyze every system and evaluate all wiring before tearing into it.

    I only posted to suggest that you delete your post and put it in a new thread (just cut and paste). That way Steve's thread doesnt go totally off-target and you'll get better help because the topics aren't intermingled.

    Good luck.
  10. Will do thanks!

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  12. This turned into a great thread... Let me get my camera and take a picture of the ground wire location on the engine side.
  13. :D :D :D :D Thats what I like to hear!!

    My FFI pulley will come in the mail Friday....I'll put it in and install the ground (after I see the pic) and my 3g install will be complete! Can't wait!!
  14. Alrighty....

    Mine is grounded right to the A/C bracket (next to the power steering.) You'll see a black wire loom running past the battery and infront of the PS resivour. This is where I have my extra ground.


  15. just wanna keep up
  16. Who sells the FFI pulley? Thanks
  17. FFI = Ford Fuel injection.

    Then go to products (IIRC). You'll hit the pulley in the alt section (good prices too).

    Good luck.
  18. :bang: Thanks!:nice:
  19. If I remember, FFI shipped my pulley from Lansing or Grand Rapids so that is right in your neck of the woods.