Progress Thread: 3G install / parts / pictures

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  1. Thanks. So do i or can u cut those two wire out of the harness? Also i run the 4ga wire to the positive side of the solenoid correct? That only makes sense cause the starter would get constant power if i ran it to the other post. lol
  2. The myriad articles out there cover this stuff.

    The cable does go to the positive lug on the solenoid. I made no cuts on the OEM plug with the two little charge wires. I insulated the terminals and tucked the connector away in case I ever need to run a 2G alt again. You can cut those wires at the alternator if you desire.

    Good luck.
  3. Right, the two stock charge wires should not be connected to a 3G alternator. If the 4 gauge wire would fail you would not want the current going through the stock stuff (Engine fire anyone?)

    Either cut the connector off (as I did)


    Leave it unattached and tapped off (as JT did)
  4. Or pull the haness out and remove the wires completly like I did. :D
  5. subscribing.... this seems easy then get 3g alt, 4g wire (7 feet) run from alt to + solenoid and re-use the wires from the 2g alt but dont use black/orange correct that is all?
  6. Remove the negative cable from the battery for safety reasons.

    Black/orange wires get taped up out of the way and not used. Do not remove or mangle the plug on the end of the wires.

    Small 3 wire used as is, no changes. It plugs into the same connector on the new alternator.

    White/black wire on the plug where the Black/orange wires connect gets insulation stripped from it. Splice another wire onto it to make a Y. Solder the connection and use heat shrink tubing on it to cover the splice joint. Crimp a female 1/4" push on terminal on the new wire or use a connector from an old wiring harness.


    Connect the fused 4 gauge wire to the alternator and the battery side of the starter solenoid.

    Plug the 3 wire plug into the alternator.

    Plug the white wire you spliced the into the little tab on the alternator.

    I ran the 4 gauge wire under the front of the engine next to the 4 gauge wire for the starter power feed.
    It came up the same path as the fuel injector supply lines, and gets bolted to the power output lug of the 3G alternator. The 125 amp fuse is mounted on a plastic panel bolted to the stock ignition coil mounts. One of side of the fuse has a 4 gauge wire connected to the battery side of the starter solenoid & the other to the 4 gauge power feed wire for the alternator.

    I have an additional 4 gauge ground running from the power steering pump mount to the common chassis ground.

    Reconnect the battery negative cable.

    Wiring is now finished. Check to make sure it is all neat and clean and everything is out of harms way. Start the car and check your voltage.

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  7. awesome man thanks for the diagrams and info :D