Project 66 Fastback, What Next??

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by 347Fastback, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. That link did not open for me. So without the pics it is hard to tell.
  2. Where can I post pics so everybody can view???
  3. The link works now. so thats good.
  4. Looks like you made a lot of progress on the eterior of the car. the undercarriage looks like a mess but it's nothing too horrible. How much are you going to sell it for? and are there any pics of this 65' u want to buy?
  5. Well I do not have any pictures of the 65 but it runs and is very clean, It needs a interior. The 66 is what I consider a project car. I have a C4 tranny and a rebulit complete 289 that will go with the car. It has clear title. I have to get some advice on where to price this car at. I do not know what it is worth in this condition...
  6. If you're going to sell the '66, don't even try to put an ad in the paper, just go directly to ebay. Any fastback is bringing top dollar these days. The exception is unless you owe a favor to someone interested in it, or you can trade it for useful parts for another car. If you're going to keep it, it doesn't look all that bad. Although time-consuming, if you can do the work yourself, the parts and installation are pretty reasonable. I'm a sucker for a challenge, I say keep the '66 and make a believer of anyone who said you're wasting your time on it! :nice:
  7. Tonight I went and gave the guy half the money for the 65 Fastback. I plan to sell the 66 project and work on the 65....
  8. Sounds good man. Put some pics of the '65 up when you get it. Im a sucker for mustangs.
  9. Your not the only one, i think we all are. We wouldn't be here if we weren't.
  10. I will post pictures of the 65 before the week is over!! Now I have to market the 66 Fastback for sale. I really do not want to do ebay but it may be my best choice..