Project 81 Hack Job!!!!!

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  1. More paint pics....


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  2. nice! is that the original color or something? and where are those bumper smashing pics you promised!
  3. Eww you swaped it to an aero nose??? WTF??? J/K
  4. nice, a true restomodded fox!! not just a stroker build and paint, but a !!!4.6!!! swap!! nice I like it lots.
  5. i think you should of waited to paint the engine bay till after you get the 4.6 sitting in there how you want.....

    either way though...looks good...what gun you spraying with?
  6. Why? he would then have to pull it out to paint..:rolleyes:
  7. think before you speak young grasshoper....:D
  8. mmmm..... fart pebbles.......

  9. yeah i know..he will be putting it in and out a few times though.
  10. measure twice, drop engine in once young grasshoppa. although when I was building my engine for my 86, I had to put it in the car a couple times because I didnt have room to put the engine anywhere lol.
  11. ryan has somewhat of a point...with a swap like that id be test fitting stuff here and there...
  12. Thanks for the replies. I am going to have the car in the air on my hoist, pull the stock 81 K-member and suspension, then I will have the 01 motor,trans, K-member and suspension underneath, and drop the car on it. I will already have the brakelines and hydroboost in. That will hopefully be this weekend. I am not worried about scratching the paint....besides, I used Nason's single stage, which is hard as a rock, it is one step under POR-15 as far as toughness....oh and sanding POR, with 320 grit....laughed at me...I used 150 grit....still laughed!! That stuff is no joke. My gun is nothing two special, I have had it for is a Devil wasn't no 600+ gun, it was maybe 150-200. I didn't want to take a chance ruining it with the POR-15,so the gun I sprayed with, was a $9.99 from Harbor Freight....I tell you what, that thing worked GREAT.....

    Wednesday: Putting new timing chain cover, and ALL gaskets on 4.6L motor. The clutch feels and sounds new, so I am not even gonna check it.

    Thursday: Pull out 4.6L engine and trans, rear axle and all brake and gas lines and gas tank.

    Friday: Time with the GIRLFRIEND

    Saturday and Sunday: Girlfriend works at nursing home all weekend 90 miles from here!!!!!! So gues what!!!!! Nothing but two 12-14 hour days for me. I will have to get creatvie with the gas tank mounting. The 81 bolts up a lot different than the 87-93, let alone the 99+.

    I will get some bumper smashing pics up soon, maybe in a new thread. I will start new threads for every update guys how is that?? They will all be called "81 Hack Job" I, II, III IV, V.....etc...... I couldn't do it Sunday, because I had to paint, then get out on my boat to PARTY IT UP ON THE WATER!!!!!!
  13. Very nice! Makes me want to take on another project..... ok.. maybe not.. i need to finish one first.
  14. :nice: take pics also of the swap and give some details... the coupe may be gone soon and i want another project :D
  15. I beg your pardon?:mad:
  16. Yea well... im getting married... :(
  17. :nonono: dont make my mistake man dont make it..

  18. Thats what i said about my 1st wife too :nonono:

    just kidding man, i understand that ya gotta do what ya gotta do, i just hate it for ya man.