Project 81 Hack Job!!!!!

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  3. Why thank ya! :) I can hold my own pretty well if someone makes an advance.. I pretty much flip out and that usually scares them away..

    anyways back on topic.. I WANT NEW PICS!!!!! :bs:

  4. I e-mailed all the pics that I took of Project 81 Hack Job to SVT32V yesterday. :shrug:

    WTF Matt?
  5. :mad: Camm-ooon Mate!!!!!!!!

  6. Part II is coming. I am leacing to go work on it right now, and I am gonna work Sunday too......dash swap is VERY time consuming, and I suggest having a friend or two to help with fitment, and creative ideas!!!!
  7. Project 81 Hack Job II...ATTN 1990 coupe

    Here are some more. Haven't done anything in 3 weeks....its too hot and I did some work to my other cars that I can actually drive....

    Here are two pics. one is the side view, you can see how much I had to cut. The other is with the console. Nothing is bolted up, it is clamped into place. AS you can see I had to cut the brackets off the 2001, so I can weld them into place in the 81.

    These are what you have been waiting for 1990 Coupe!!!!! Enjoy!!





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  8. Here are some randoms....motor out....

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  9. lookin good
  10. Thanks for the heads up PM :nice: Looks like such an awesome project I envy you!!!! Is the 01 your taking everything out of totaled?? The only thing i would have a problem with is the welding, since i dont know how, and how to relocate the door handles inside the car
  11. No problem on the PM, and thanks.....Yes, the 01 is totalled. The firewall is smashed, the timing cover on the engine was cracked, the rear end was bent, and the torque boxes were ripped because the drive shaft pushed the axle back so far. It was also hit in the drivers door, quarter and rocker panel. The car was not fixable. The axle housing I had straightened at my rear end shop. He did an excellent job!!!

    Welding is pretty easy to learn, you can adjust the feed of the wire, adjust how hot the arc is, depending how thick the metal is. I learned through practice, and I became pretty good. The only thing I have welded was car metal, and some really thick angle iron.

    RELOCATION OF DOOR HANDLES....AAWHHHHH.....I do NOT have to do it. The handles clear the dash by a fraction of an inch!!! You cannot get a peice of paper through the handle and the dash when opening!!!:rlaugh: They open and close perfectly!!!!!

    My girl is going back to school soon, so I will be going full force on this car til I start classes again Sept 24th. I got 1 good month!!
  12. I thought for sure you had to move the door handles... that is awesome!! in that case all you have to weld is the tranny cross member correct?
  13. thats gonna be sick when its done! :nice:

  14. Yeah. I can use the stock 01 GT style crossmember which welds to the floor, or I can drill out the original and move it back. I have been told to use the original and relocated it because it is stronger. I will look into that, but I have already drilled the 01 mounts off, I think I am going that way. I have also been told the handles MUST be moved back, but that isn't the case with my car!!:D
  15. kewl, nice progress, send me a pm about the wiring plz. im very interested in the swap!!!
  16. Damn dude you've got a sweet garage setup.

    Here's one for inspiration :D


    This is one of those mods that i think is cool but just isn't for me. I like to stock interior better than the new, but it's still cool.
  17. ah ha! i see in the pic the door handles are in there stock locations.. If i get another fox, a 4.6 and interior swap is what i'd do!!!! :nice:
  18. I wonder why the passenger air bag doesn't fit good,..unless it was blown and glued together....mine fits in their mine. I guess I will use them, but I don't really want to. You can get dummy plates from some website, they just won't say Mustang. I am using the 01 seats, but I don't want to use the drivers power seat track, because the track weighs A TON!!!!! I want to throw a manual track on the 01 driver seat instead.
  19. I seem to remember something about that dash literally getting cut in half and glassed back together to make it fit....that probably has something to do with it.