Project 81 Hack Job!!!!!

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  1. 1. Last time I saw her she was :rlaugh:

    2. IF you can keep em financially, Now is not the time to be selling toys. Especially here in MI. IF I could get what I want out of em, I'd be selling my 2 sleds to buy that 88lx 5.0 hatch- But I'd take a LOSS on em right now. :nonono:

    3. :notnice: :nono: :nonono: :D

    4. :nice:
  2. :ban::chair: Hey, no Glock bashing.

    My G23 doesn't like that kind of talk.:mad:
  3. Neither does my G22. :mad:

    What kinda ETA on the final Hack Job thread? I hate to see it come to an end, but I can't wait to see a detailed, chronological thread that shows the start to finish.
  4. Prolly this weekend. It is supposed to be really nice. I should have time Sunday. I will have it up ASAP.

    I got it out after the windows were tinted. This is NOT the final thread, and I don't have interior shots because it has been BEAUTIFUL outside here for almost 14 days straight, so I have burnt 2-1/2 tanks of gas in this bad boy. I haven't installed the last few trim peices.

    People at car shows love it!! They just swarm around the car and ask 1,000,000 questions.

    Included waaayyy below is pics of both my notchbacks that came from my junkyard.










    The neglected engine bay of my 91. It's very it has been driven for 2 years with no cleaning.






    I don't know how the swirl got on the left door of my black one, I just got a lil swirl happy I guess.:D
  6. GOD DAMN! I want another fox now more than ever. The yellow notch is the sex!
  7. :jaw: Both cars are nice!

    The yellow one is so clean and neat under the hood, looks like a factory install :nice:
  8. Swirl aholic ! Get help before its too late!

    I want both notches so gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme!
  9. HAHA, thanks guys. I hate to say it, but I think I might have to sell the black one. The yellow one is way more fun, and 3 stangs in that 2-1/2 car garage is tight. The other reason is:

    1. Insurance costs for 5 frickin vehicles
    2. Gas
    3. I can't drive all 3 stangs at once.
  10. PM me for the price. Mabey worth the drive :nice:
  11. you can never have too many stangs, its easy to buy them hard to sell, and fun to complain about

    good job what a luck you didn't go 4 eye
  12. Hack Job has the same hood gap that mine does. what causes that?
  13. ITS CALLED Mustang itis, due to the wonderful production process at Ford :flag:
  14. The hood is popped. I pulled the cable before I snapped those pics.

    You might try to turn the bump stops in. I still have to play with mine on both cars.
  15. yeah, I have been doing that. I guess I just need to play with it some more.
  16. yeah i bet people go nuts when you tell them its an 81.
  17. They do. They all say the same thing...."No way, you can't even tell."

    A group of 3 guys found me at a larger car show and ask "Is that your yellow coupe at the end?" Yes...."What year is that, it's so clean?" 81. His buddy told me he guessed 84, he said he knew it was older. I asked him how. He said he looked under it and could tell a difference in some areas vs. 87-93 cars. He then brought me over to his 82 that is why he knew so much about the older ones. He then asks "Is there a mod motor in that thing, because I know that ain't no 302?!" :rlaugh:
  18. So when is hack job getting a Kenne Bell??? :nice:
  19. Itl cause blindness and hairy palms :shrug: