Project 81 Hack Job!!!!!

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  1. Thats funny cause the first pic with the cars and house, when I saw that I figured it was the Saleens home :shrug:
  2. well damn i see you still do. i just thought it was strange that there wasnt a post made about it in the 7 pages of threads youve made. if the 91 has to go then the 91 has to go. i didnt think hackjob would be comfy to drive but i guess you right, its all 2001 stuff and new parts. only disadvantage is that you wont have a pushrod, just two 4.6's, which is still fine. nice lookin L too.

    too many friends with f bods too. haha.
  3. Yeah, you are right...:D
    Yeah, I bought that wrecked in the right side in 2001. I was 19. After a door, dash, bags, fender, RH suspension and a wheel, it was back on the road. It drives great. I want to repaint that next summer or fall because of the 7 years of rock chips, and slight scratches from washing, etc.... I can't bring myself to sell the Cobra. I know I would take a loss on it....supercharging it wasn't the cheapest thing in the world. Neither were the long tubes, or the new trans and clutch I put in it in 2003. I don't want to sell the 91 either, but having all three is not realistic. The insurance is too much to afford with a house payment and all the other bills.

    I feel the same way as you say though, about having two 4.6L cars. The 5.0L has the nice torquey feeling compared to the SOHC motor in Hack Job, but Hack Job will smoke my 91....I hate to say it. It needs to rev high before it will pull away. Although I did have my fun with it for two years.

    Another fact that I have to face. I like building them more than driving them. As weird as that sounds, because the builds can take so long, and cost more money that you had planned, but it's just the thrill of the build...then move to the next one.

    You're right about the F-bodies....there are plenty of them. You want to know the funny thing??? That SRT Neon, I think is the faster car runs in the 11's.:eek:
  4. those damn srt-4's. if you like building them then you should make money off it somehow. either buying dirty ones that need love, cleaning and fixing small things and flipping them, or getting say a wrecked 5.0 and a good shape 2.3, and making a 2.3 to 5.0 swap and selling that. they wuold probably sell becasue you can put 4 cyl insurance on it.
  5. my dad made the choice for me.:notnice:
  6. Wow, is that house in West Bloomfield or something? :eek:

    That is a kick ass house.:drool:
  7. tint made a big difference, great job on the car man...i commend your work and dedication.
  8. not trying to be mean...but the 4.6s in the gts look so sloppy if you ask me. Hack job is a very clean car just the way they put the mods together I think 5.0s are cleaner lookin is all nice cars though
  10. Thanks guys. While I like the 4.6L and the 5.0L, I think the engine bay of my 4.6L looks better than my 5.0L. I am NOT saying that 4.6L's look better than all 5.0L because there are plenty of guys on here that have some badass custom 5.0L engine bays. I'm just comparing my two cars. I would say a built clean 5.0L engine looks better than most or all 4.6L 2V motors anyways. The 4.6L 4V engine, however, gives it some competition.
  11. Sweet cars.. it just me??or does the House look like it's Inflatable??:D
    Not Knocking it..I will Never be able to afford something anywhere close to that myself.:hide:
    Just thought it looked like an Inflatable with all the Trim like that.:D
  12. yeah you are right what was I thinkin...I am going to make sure I have every little comma and period in there so it is grammar worthy..pshhhhhhhh is that all you have to do through out the day is comment dumb **** like that? Get a life bro I was telling him what I thought and last time I checked I didnt ask you what you thought. So grow up and get a LIFE
  13. .:popcorn::popcorn:
  14. lol
  15. No need to be locked I am not going to post about it anymore I said what I have to say. Dont punish SVt by locking his thread because someone cant get along...let SVT enjoy hiself he has earned it :nice:
  16. Want some cheese with that whine? Don't spill your written fodder all over a thread if you arent even competent enough to make it possible to decipher. Its also evident that if you acted your age and not your shoe size that we wouldnt need to have this conversation.
  17. No lock on this one...looks like it's over. It's all good guys, don't worry about it. Just push me to get the Final Thread going of all befores and afters!! But first I gotta finish two interior peices....I'm lazy now!!!
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