Project 81 Hack Job!!!!!

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  1. SVT, did you ever put up final shots of the interior?
  2. WWWWWWOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All one thread!!!!!!!!!!!! :banana:
  3. Prime Lord, still not yet. When I do, I'll post them in here.

    Coupe---Thank god it's all together and easier to find.
  4. I can't wait to see the pictures! I have been waiting for forever!
  5. Sorry man. I just put new map pockets in it and I completely cleaned the whole thing. Everything in the interior is shiny and clean. I just have that last dash molding to install, because I'm lazy and haven't driven the car since August 17th.
  6. I want to see the finished interior.
  7. :worthlesa without pics of the interior

  8. Okay, this weekend!!! I promise! I'll get my ass to work, and I'll cut the last two dash peices, and I'll snap pics and post them in here!! I promise! I have nothing to do Saturday.
  9. Temporary delay.....Photobucket wants me to upgrade to PRO WTF????
  10. Look below....!! Upgraded!
  11. Still not workin man....u gotta upgrade to pro it says.....this is a tease
  12. It says I can wait til the 24th for them to appear, because I exceeded this months bandwidth. Should I just open an alias account???? hahaha
  13. how you gonna go about the handle on the door panels with the sn95 dash???
  14. DSC05321.jpg









    In the last pic, notice I mounted the factory Fox Body hood release cable to the SN95 dash. I also placed the mirror switch in the speedo bezel. The door handles are in factory Fox location. I just nipped about 1/4" off of each handle to clear the SN95 dash. They open just fine. You can only get a finger or two in the fox handles anyways, and that's what you can get into these. If doesn't effect anything. The defrost works too!!

    She's oh so sexy!!!! :drool:
  16. great job!!!!
  17. :drool::drool:...ah man thats a fine sexy o man i am jealous....that interior just looks like it belongs in a fox
  18. Looks excellent how many hours would you say you have in this mod? I think with this style dash you have to mock up the sn95 door panels because they flow together. I think it looks great though.
  19. thanks guys! I have seen one person who customized SN95 panels to fit a fox door....LOTS of hours, filler, patience and work.

    I personally have around 10 hours in the dash swap itself, then I had to make the a/c heater box work. If I had to do it again, I know the ins and outs, so I could do it all in a few hours.
  20. Thats not too bad. It seems like it would take longer. Does the dash have the same mounting points as the fox dash? Did you have to make any custom brackets and if so what for?