Project 81 Hack Job!!!!!

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  1. There are no points that are the same. I just bent the driver side bracket (behind the speedo) around on the SN95 dash, tweaked some stuff on the firewall of the fox, drill a couple holes and nut and bolted it. I then made a couple brackets for the passenger side (behind the airbag) and bolted that to the firewall. No big deal, but just time consuming. You have to make sure that the frame is tight to the body, and the shell is tight to the frame. If something won't fit tightly, it will rattle.
  2. I never done any kind of fabrication but, I have taken foxbodies completely apart and swapped motors rearends etc. So I'm hoping I'll be able to do this. Does the fitment to the windshield look bad?
  3. It's not too bad. I've seen dashboards fit better at the windshield than mine, but that's only because they didn't cut as much off as me. This results in needing to make custom door handles though. I didn't want to do that. I wanted stock panels, stock door handles etc.... I don't know how the guys did it that way, because in order for the the defrost to work, I don't see how they did it their way vs. my way. I pulled the windshield out too...much easier to see what needs to be done.
  4. I need to get a new coupe so I can get started on this. I think this next car I'm going to go straight styling first then worry about the performance later.
  5. Any detailed threads on a dash install?? I would love to have that dash/console setup in my 86 coupe car :D
  6. The beginning of the thread has some pics of the dash and console install. I just cut it in front of the defrost, made some brackets, drill some holes here and there and bolted it in. I did cut out the bottom dash brackets off the floor of the 94-04 Mustang. I then welded them into the fox and bolt the 94-04 dash to them. Everything lined up great. Just a lot of hours man, I never came home for dinner, missed out on some bar nights with friends. Going to the bar is overrated most of the time, but my friends learned to stop calling me from July 2007-May 2008...haha
  7. Looks great!!!

    One question, Im sure was covered long ago, is that an SN95 carpet, or a fox one?
  8. Thanks 25th!!

    That carpet is from the 2001 I bought. I had to trim it along the sill plate moldings because it is about an inch or so too long. I also had to cut two new holes for the driver and passenger seat belt reels on the floor. No big deal. It only worked because I welded in that big brace for the back seat that is from quarter to quarter on 94-04 Mustangs.
  9. 1993SSP, I'll get those up in the morning. I'm bet today. I had to put an A/C compressor on Hack Job, then I cut the grass, dug up some **** in the front yard, and just got back from grocery shopping!! Tomorrow for sure!
  10. I went to my local tuner shop for the annual dyno day. I brought Hack Job and made two pulls

    First pull: 241.8 RWHP & 283.2 RWTQ

    2nd pull: 240.4 RWHP & 281.4 RWTQ

    That's pretty good for an untuned 2V with CAI, BBK O/R pipe and MAC cat-back!!! Everybody there loved the car and thought that was pretty good power for those mods.

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  11. That thing sounds awesome!!! Its cool to see that thing actually function. Your car rocks man. If I had the money I would totally do the interior swap. So damn nice, I guess a black interior will do for now.
  12. Wow! Nice job!
    Just went through 21 pages of posts. Helluva job, man. Always wanted to put a latemodel dash in a fox body.

    Great swap!
  13. there are no words for hack job, that thing looks and sounds like it rolled off a Ford showroom floor with that drivetrain and interior... the end result of all that work must be so satisfying dude, enjoy it!

    Chris :nice:
  14. Thanks for the kind words man!!
  15. Get a TB, Plenum and a tune and you might see near 270 rwHP
  16. You know how i feel..

    Simply amazing man.. :drool:
  17. Thanks boys! I really am thinking of buying an entire intake, plenum and T-body then get it tuned. I know it should put down even more. 270RWHP would be a nice street cruiser. I thought my car would only put down like 220ish. I didn't think exhaust added that much, that is all I have, CAI, H pipe and 2-1/2" cat-back with 3" tips. No tune either. A vortech would be nice too, though, right?? hehe
  18. hell yeah it would be...that car is just amazing
  19. Awesome numbers. That seems to be right in line with the strong running 4.6s I have seen. Throw a tune, maybe the rest of the bolt ons in and 260-270 might happen. My car doesnt even made that kind of power, so yours should be a smooth running, strong running daily driver!

    Awesome work seeing it come together and run well.
  20. Thanks guys! 25th--You're talking about your fox?? What numbers did it put down? Because it sure ran good times at the track, that's for sure!!