Project 81 Hack Job!!!!!

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  1. That looks like knee cramp city...i don't think i'd fit.
  2. but it looks just so badass, I love the door panels
  3. jon what happened to the phone u used to have?
  4. I still have it why? The charger was broken for awhile.
  5. ah I was just messin with ya, I sent you a text and nothing........
  6. The lower door handle does make it look a little knee cramped as mentionted above. That looks cool, but it looks like $$$ and time. I am glad I get to use stock panels, armrests, handles, and switches.
  7. Project 81 HACK JOB!!! PART III

    Finally got another chance to work on it and I got pretty far.

    Pic 1..Cut hole for washer bottle and wire harness


    Pic 2...Cut hole for fuel lines and emiision lines.


    Pic 3..Cut hole for wire harness and cruise control cable to go through.


    Pic 4...Must cut, trim and reweld gas tank filler neck to fit short trunk depth of the fox


    Pic 5...Where did my axle go???:shrug:


    Pic...6 Ahh...the PITA LCA's and UCA's that are as stiff as a brick wall..


    Pic 7.....The wheels fit and the 01 axle DOES NOT make the wheels stick out..

    Pic 8....Would have never got the axle in with out the good ole come-a-long...

    Pic 9....The fuel lines and brake lines fit perfectly from the 01 to the 81


    Pic 10...AAAHH The good stuff...motor in and it looks sweet...(Just needs cleaning) But I already have new motor mounts, new exhaust manifolds, new studs and bolts, new valve cover gaskets, timing gaskets, harmonic balancer, new oil pan and gasket....soon to hoses, fluids, and tune up...(when it runs)


    Pic 11.....Front suspension is in as well...New bushings and ball joints, New motor mounts.


    That is about it....All is going well...The axle was done 1 evening after work....the lines and motor trans, and K-frame was one long day by myself, and man I was beat after that.

    More to come within another month or so.:flag:

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  8. Wow, nice that your home garage? I'm jealous!
  9. That is my work. I spend and hour or two after work here or there, and I go in on Saturdays and Sundays all day sometimes.
  10. thats going to be sweet a sweet ride...nice set up using the work lift. do they let you leave it on it? maybe i can get a part time job there just to work on my notch.
  11. you must have a cool boss/supervisior....
  12. Thanks....I do have the coolest boss...he is my Dad!! We get along great...but don't think that I have it too easy. If I even look at that car while on the clock...he pulls some Paul Tutel from OCC on my A$$!!! :nono: He will not put up with me tinkering with it while I am working, so I have to pretend like it isn't even there.
  13. lol.....i wish i could say me and my dad get along good...we dont...its always nah ill do it my way..that type of ****...and the whole dont mod the stang :mad:...we get along long as there are cars involved..or else it just not pleasant to be around ha.....were two much alike is the problem :shrug:

    how hard was it to get that dash to fit in there for ya?
  14. After I stripped the car, that was the first thing I did. If I couldn't make the dash fit, I knew the car wouldn't be possible to do the way I wanted to do it.

    First I put the 2001 heater box in. Then I put the dash up there to see what it would look like. I needed a ton of trimming.

    I then took an inch off, then fit it, one more inch....after about 4 or more inches of just the upper dash trimmed, then I moved on to the frame of the dash. I had to cut some of the metal to fit it in.

    After 10 hours, I got it to fully bolt in and fit tight!! (If I had to do it again, I could do it in about 2 hours...experience is EVERYTHING) The air bags fit and I even was able to keep the defrost. Most of the pics I have seen, they cannot use the defrost. IMO, it isn't a street car unless you have every option functioning. In Michigan, October and November is still nice car months so driving the car is still OK to do. But, if your car sits at night the windows are fogged up, and you gotta defrost them.

    Anyways, using the dash is the only reason I am using the entire wire harness from the 2001. I am not a electronics expert, so using the Ford harness is the only way I could do it. Some guys make a harness to plug and play each motor in the car, but I cannot do that.

  15. Thats what im talking about BAD ASS!!! Keep the updates coming!!!!!!! you make it look effortless to swap this all out!! :nice:

  16. HAHA... thanks,I try...I try!! I will definatley keep it coming. I slowed down on it because I bought a 2002 Grand Prix GT to fix really was a super light I figured I should put "Hack Job" on pause so I can make a quick profit on the G.P.

    Then the profit goes into Hack Job....:rlaugh:
  17. Lookin good Bro :nice: Now find me some tires :Damnit:

    :lol: Seriously I need some used tires a.s.a.p. :cheers:

    PS got your WW shirts for you and the woman. :)
  18. What size do you want for that 4.6L...some 205's??? Just kidding!!:rlaugh:

    I will get Ricco to get some 245's for the winter for ya!! Let me make some calls to him Tuesday.

    Thanks for the compliments bro, you gotta get down to the shop and see it in person...I can't wait till I am ready for paint!! That will be a great day!:flag:
  19. 205, 215's What ever it takes. :rlaugh:

    Just need something to get me thru the winter. Let me know what you come up with. :nice: Not looking to spend an arm, a leg and my first born. :rlaugh: Just something with some halfway decent tread to get me by til next summer then I'm gonna buy some Pilots, KDW's, or Eagle F1's.

    Looks Great, for a Hack Job. :rlaugh: I'll swing by some day this week or next. Laid off for 2 weeks. :bang:

    Call me tomorrow and let me know about them tiiiires ,-----(red neck accent) :rlaugh:
  20. Project 81 HACK JOB Part IV!!!!!!!!!!

    It's time!!!!!!!!!!

    I haven't had much time to work, but got a lot of little stuff accomplished, solved and out of the way......

    Front engine view

    Overhead engine view

    Back of motor, cowl, dash

    ABS and traction control in a 1981 Mustang...yes!!

    Cruise module

    2001 rear seat brace welded in to fox...lots of work!!!!!!

    2001 E-brake handle, 2001 cables and all brackets under car.

    2001 dash shot. Airbag fit perfect. Still gotta get odds and ends put in.

    Remember that ugly RH quarter?? Well, this after body work and 1st coat of primer. I am gonna block and prime the entire car a few time when it's all togehter

    RH door

    LH door

    That's is all have worth showing right now. I won't get to work on it again until Feb 1,2,3. It sucks, but I am in good shape for spring.

    What do you guys think??:D