Project 81 Hack Job!!!!!

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  1. 258/295 on the dyno last time out. right around 3150-3200 lbs is the race weight, so yours might be heavier. I got a set of Drag Radials on it for the race this weekend. Should have the trac loc rebuilt, and on the DRs Im hoping in the 12s, and if it somehow keeps the 109 mph traps, I would like some 12.7s if possible.

    Your car makes power close to it, but with those other mods, your gearing and street rubber middle 13s should be easy.
  2. Those are good numbers too. Your car makes some great track times too! I ran 14.25 @ 99 with Hack Job, 2.168 60ft and I spun 2nd very bad too. Nittos I hope would get it like 13.8-13.9. I'd be happy. Hell, since 2nd was so bad mid 13's should be possible too. I literally had to back off the gas in 2nd and jump back on.

    I'm happy with the car overall, I didn't build it to drag race, but since going once, I now am thinking I might go again with it and try for better. haha....that's how it starts!!
  3. Yeah thats why the car should be great for you. Mid 13s would be a fun street cruiser, and taking it to the track wont hurt anything on it. No [parts breakage but fun enough when going around town. Sometimes those cars can be more fun than the street driven 10 second car.
  4. I agree. Sometimes they are more fun due to less maintence, less to worry about etc...I hate breaking parts. Last time I took the Cobra to the track, I smoked my diff...which cost me 700 bucks due to upgrading during the rebuild...gotta do that:D and I also smoked me speedo gear 15 dollars. My clutch doesn't fully disengage either, that's been like that since 2003.
  5. FINALLY! Holy crap man. I hate you and envy you at the same time. It's a strange feeling.
  6. I was wondering where you have been at!!:D I know it only took me 5 months to put them up, but they are up. I spent a few hours here that Saturday as promised and I modified a dash bracket to mount the hood release cable, and I tirmmed up the dash defrost vent. I'm not too happy with that fitment, but hey...the dash is 20 years newer than the car, what did I expect?:shrug::D
  7. Might as well say that Hack Job is now sold. I started a new thread a while back mentioning it, but might as well put it in the official thread.
  8. Not to be nosy....but did you get a decent price out of it?

    It was basically rebuilt from bottom up!
  9. Yes, I was happy with the sale price. On paper, I think the profit was good. However, the amount of labor I put into the car, the profit was not good. Someone got a helluva car.

    I don't know if I could have got more in the spring, but I don't care. Everytime I play the waiting game to get more money, I end up losing money.
  10. Cool, its good that you could come out ahead on parts. Trying to come out ahead on labor is impossible I'm sure.
  11. Nobody will give you money for labor....haha. I wish they did! :)
  12. any idea if the new owner is a forum user?
  13. Highly unlikely. Good question though. I wondered the same and I'm on about all of them, so I'm still keeping and eye out for it. He was an older guy, and was a dealer. He talked like he was keeping the car, but his actions pointed towards that he had another buyer, or this car was going for export. I'm serious. He drove up quickly. We planned for Saturday, but he came up on Wednesday...said he COULD NOT wait longer....:shrug:
  14. Wait! You sold Hack Job!? When did this happen? Why dosent anybody run these things by me first!? :fuss:


  15. posted in that thread....

    *reads more*

 had me going!!!!!!! :fuss: :D:D:D:D:rlaugh:
  16. *takes a bow*
  17. *throws crummbled up corn dog wrapper and straw from drink on stage*