Project 81 Hack Job!!!!!

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  1. I think it looks like you are over the hump on this project :nice:

    Can't wait to see the finished product.
  2. Wicked job! You must really feel like you're getting close!
  3. wow SVT thats a nice CT you have there :D
  4. awesome! man, i don't know **** about mod motors. is that a dohc motor?
  5. Good work there buddy, coming along nicely :nice: And nice new CT :rlaugh:
  6. Nope thats a 2V GT motor or engine, whichever :rolleyes:
  7. coming along nicely.....i want a ride in it when is finished :D
  8. BK and LaserSVT---What is a CT? I am lost here!!:shrug:

    Ryan218--You are not far man!! Come up this summer, lots to do out on Woodward!

    Cenok--No, it is a 4.6L SOHC 2V. I wish it was a dual, but I couldn't cut up a Cobra to do this swap...I would have fixed the Cobra.

    Everybody else...thanks a lot for the comments!

    This weekend I am gonna re-caulk the trunk and rear wheel house areas. I had to scrape the old original stuff up because it smelled old and mustyl!! That smell would have drove me crazy after the interior was in. It will be good now. Then I am gonna lay more sound deadening material on the floorboards, back seat, and trunk. I want this thing to be quiet and nice!!

    After that, more body work, finish making the gas tank filler neck, tie up odds and ends under the hood, like washer bottle, radiator hoses, fluids, misc clips, and plug in a couple more connectors. After I get it running, I will post more pics, and get all the doors, fenders, hood, and jams cut in yellow. Man, I can't wait to get this thing all in primer and paint!!!! After that I will take my time getting all the interior put in properly. I bought a full set of black notch seat belts, but I am currently running the 2001 GT belts up front and they work. I just won't know if they lock while braking until I drive it. Well guys, thanks again!!:nice:
  9. Look at the words to the right of your Avatar. You didnt know? :rlaugh:
  10. i wonder where that came from. :D
  11. Nice man nice... that dash fit in their nicely? ct :scratch:
  12. BK--haha....Did you do that, or did you have a mod do it??hehe

    91foxbod---The dash was the absolute first thing I did. I knew if I couldn't get it to fit, the car was gonna be sent to the crusher. I got it to fit after about 5 hours the first night, and 5 hours the second night. I only had one dash with the bigger radio in it, so I didn't want to screw it up. If I had to do it again, I could get it done in about an hour. I know exactly where to cut it in all the places it needs to be cut, and all the stuff you have to do to modify on the firewall.
  13. wont the fox door handles hit the side of the dash? wont you have to relocate those? :shrug:
  14. Every single modfox I have seen pics of....the dash hides the door handles. I do not have this problem. The tip of the fox door handle just barely clears the edge of the dash. I know it looks rough now, but I got that thing to fit better than any picture I have seen. It fits tight, and I can even still use the defrost. I am gonna trim the 94-04 defrost bezel and make that fit too.
  15. ill come up this summer. where in MI are you?
  16. Southeast side. The hot spot from March til Sept/Oct. is on Woodward from 13 Mile Rd. to about 16 Mile Rd. From August 1st till the cruise and 1-2 weekends after, the hot spot is from 8 Mile all the way to Pontiac!!! Of course 9 Mile Rd. is where you want to be the day of the cruise. That is Mustany Alley. Don't go south of 8 Mile. If you have a good chance of getting your car jacked!!!!

    PM me when the weather breaks, and I'll give you some directions.

    Go to and you can check out the map.
  17. after the stang is all painted and such ill drive up.
  18. This car looks like it's going to be really nice.
  19. damn if you could do the dash in an hour i'll fly ya over here to do mine in the 86t-top LOL I started on it 3 years ago and had to give up on it to finish my house