Project 81 Hack Job!!!!!

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  1. Demented--Send a ticket!!! I could only do it faster because I have already done it. I know all the ins and outs. I only cut a little at a time. I had it in and out of teh car like 30-40 times.
  2. Hells yes
  3. nice!

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  4. is the stock 01 shifter bezel/trim gonna work? looks like the shifter is moved kinda far back in the fox
  5. man i love this project, you are the man !
  6. Thanks do you get the pics to post in the thread?? I have tried, but couldn't so that's why I send links....

    2nd...The shifter bezel fits great. I am using the 2001 console as well, and I mocked it in place before I welded the the brackets in from the 2001. This was a tricky task, because you needed the gap between the dash and the console to be nice. I got it good the day I did it. It gave me touble the other day while trying to mount the E-brake and hook the cables up, but the bottom of the dash is not bolted down, so I narrowed the problem down to that. Ford was nice for leaving such large holes in the brackets. This allows much room for adjustment.
  7. Just brackets instead of parentheses.. and I'm good?
  8. If you are using photobucket, use the IMG Code as your link. It's the last one on the list of URLs below your picture. Copy and paste that into the post.

  9. aaaah!!!! Thank you!!!:nice:
  10. looks awesome bro
  11. Thanks riceslayer!
  12. Ah man i can't believe i missed this!!!!!!!!!!

    This is by far one of my fav projects to watch. you are doing a phenominal job and i hope that one day i can tackle a project like this!! You are teh man!!! :nice: :hail2:
  13. Thanks man! You have been on my side since day many others on here!! I still remember everybody who wanted to watch the progress. Part V should feature a running car...(video)...and more body work!!! Keep in tune!!!
  14. i may have to someday make a detour on a vacation trip, swing by and meet you in person :nice:

    I'll definatly keep my eye out for Part V :nice: :nice:
  15. Sounds good. I'm in Michigan. Me and the guys might be going to Norwalk this year. We didn't go in 2007, but we did go in 2006. We really want to get down to that event this year. I will let you know. That would be kinda in the middle!!
  16. ive got more of a technical question for are you going to get the ABS to work? is it just going to be rear ABS or 4 wheel ABS? unless i missed somewhere and you already said you are using the brakes and spindles and whatnot from a later model
  17. i think he is using the newer brakes all around

  18. Correct!! I am using everything from the 2001. Lines, wiring, everything!! There is nothing fox body about that car....but the body!!:D

    I have all the stock sensors in place, and they run along the fox body perfectly, just like the 2001 car. The fuel lines look like they were made to fit the 81...even though they are 20 years newer!! I just had to modify the left rear quarter well to fit the evap canister back there behind the wheel. I wanted to use everything stock, so I don't have any issues trying to get it running.
  19. Almost tiiime!!!

    I bought all fluids this morning for Project 81 Hack Job. I put almost all of them in, but then I had to punch the time clock. So here I sit working til 2:00pm today. I have a couple of loose ends to tie up, but she should be running this afternoon!!!!!:eek: :banana:

    I will keep you guys updated and I should have Part V up this week. I want to get all the jams cut in Sunday, which I should be able to as long as everything today goes as planned and it starts.....:rolleyes:

    Here is some stuff in 2K primer for now....