Project 81 Hack Job!!!!!

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  1. Looks good mang.
  2. Thank you! I can't wait until 2:00 today. The day is flying by but these ringing phones go on minute after minute and all I can think of is hearing that car fire up!!!!!!!!
  3. Good Luck!
  4. You should record video when you start it up for the first time! That is gonna be sweet!
  5. Fuzion--Thanks man!

    Aaron--I will. I thought of that last night, I will get a video if she runs. There will only be an H-pipe on it though. I don't know if I'll have time to install the catback or not depending on the differences between the 81 body and the 2001 tailpipes.
  6. oh man,i always thought this was an awesome project.i can't wait to see it together
  7. 22 minutes till I hit the time clock OUT!!!! I got over an hour of odds and ends though before I start it I have to run to the gas station with a 5 gallon can!! Damn...almost can't run a car without gas!!
  8. is it weird that i'm excited FOR you? like, i feel giddy...?
  9. haha I know how it is! I check on everybodys progress threads when I see them, I can't ever wait for the guy to be finished. We are all alike because we share and indulge in the same adventures all the time!! Thanks man!
  10. videos damn it
  11. Feel the same way man. I can't wait.

    And speaking of waiting....
  12. Well guys........


    OK...Here is the video. I had more loose ends to tie up then I thought.'s F--ing loud...stock headers, O/R H-pipe and no catback as of now...I gotta get to the bar to watch UFC tonight. It didn't start right away. I was in such a rush I didn't reset the fuel cut off button!!! :rlaugh: I reset it and this happened!!!

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  13. Sweet man, Congrats!
  14. Thanks man. It has been a long road.

    None of the oxygen sensors are long enough to plug in, I don't know why......everything is stock. I don't have an air filter on it, and no catback either. I am gonna finish up that tomorrow and also try and get all the jams cut in yellow on my doors, body, and trunk. If she runs smoother tomorrow with all the correct parts, I will post another vid!!
  15. I have to give you a big :nice: for this one! I don't want to alarm you, but it appears you're going extremely fast after looking at your speedometer. :p
  16. :D Yeah she was stuck at 150, then 120, I knocked on it and it's back to 150. WTF? The car has a Speed Cal. I hooked it back up exactly how I took it aprart, I think it was only 1 wire. So I don't know what the deal is with that. I will have to drive it and see if it will come back. I can't move it yet....yeah....I spent 240 bucks having this shop make me a new driveshaft. The tube is shorter, by 1/2" and the yoke is shorter by 1" and it is still too long!!:rolleyes: :mad: That really upset me. Now I have to send it back on Monday. And I had them guys come over and take measurements..WTF??? Anyways....more progress to come tomorrow.
  17. Congrats, and you found the only true way to make a fox sound like a 4.6...

  18. :lol: Thanks 25th!! Now I must decide after paint...5.0 badges? 4.6 badges? No badges? Or I might have my friend make a really sweet question mark to put on each fender.

    She sounded like a big block with a huge cam tonight.:D I can't wait to see what it sounds like with the cat-back. Hopefully all goes well tomorrow and I can get it to idle like the stock 4.6L it is.