"Project B" Mustang to Debut at SEMA 2008

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    Next month, there will be a somewhat mysterious Mustang concept unveiled at the SEMA show. The folks at Galpin Auto Sports will uncover their "Project B" concept that is based off the current Ford Mustang platform. Not many details are known at this point, but we have heard that the car is powered by the Mustang V8, which is stroked to a 5.0-liter and equipped with twin superchargers. The rims are 24 inches in the rear and 22 inches up front, attempting to cover up the massive 16-inch Wilwood brakes. Rumor has it that this concept will also feature Ford's second generation SYNC system. We'll have to wait and see to find out for certain. Until the SEMA show, the renderings and photos will have to keep us satisfied. Take a look!
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  2. Twin roots/twinscrews. That's crazy! can't wait to see it.
  3. its hideous
  4. its a concept so yeah. its gonna be out there. lets face it. retro styling isent going to last forever. i wanna see the future sometime!
  5. LOL that's not what the new Mustang is going to look like. While I agree, it's not the best looking thing, we haven't seen the finished project. What I'm interested in is the motor. Twin roots blowers... I want to see what this puppy puts down, if they can keep it from blowing.