Project "BlackOut" 89 convert.

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  1. ok my OFFICAL project thread. from day 1 to the end. lets not clutter it up and "try" and stay SOMEWHAT on topic here.

    this will not be my true dailt driver.. i will daily drive my the red ranger. and drive this alot in the summer spring and fall. bad weather.. it stays home. which is a major plus to me. as my projects can take as long as i like.

    what im starting with

    89 Mustang 5.0 convert.
    BLACK exterior.
    BLACK top.
    dark grey ( tweed ) interior
    slushbox-O-matic :notnice:
    stock 5.0

    so far all ive done is paint my extra set of wheels with the road racing tires on them .they look much better then the ugly American racing wheels on there right now. will be put on tomm.

    so for right now the ASAP to do list.

    -Needs cleaned a detailed BAD has been stored and drove very little and not washed at all in the past 2 years...( it shows )
    -Remove nasty autozone tips!!! :notnice: FTL
    -swap wheels and tires.
    -remove headlights...drain water..polish..put back on for now..

    also..picked up a rear end from a 93 cobra.. already has had the brakes pulled off but has 3.73's in it that have 10k on them and 43k on the whole rear.

    see i told you i wouldn't be able to leave it alone!

    thats my "to do" list for tomm afternoon.

    as it sits right now. the mods it has that i can tell right off the back..

    -DynoMax Catback.... it will do for now.... :shrug:

    thats it. other then that starting out with an amazing starter of a project and for only $1,500 i could not afford to pass it up.

    as it sits thinking i will keep this for a while. i like it.. its in great shape for what it is and i could have some true fun with it!

    5 speed a FOR SURE thing. just a matter of when i get all the parts collected as im going to do it on the cheap.

    5 lug swap is a FOR SURE thing as well..i want some better brakes on this one with the ass holes that drive in Ohio...not to mention..i would like to be able to avoid what happened to my last one...and not see it happen to this one.

    and yeah i know..i cant leave anything alone. so im sure the interior will be getting "somewhat" of a make over. black and grey two toned. :shrug:


    ill get engine bay and interior shots for befores tomm and add them..

    :D im stoked...and happy to have another fox...ive missed it
  2. Congrats!!!! VERTS ROCK!!!:rock: OH and they leak too.
  3. looks like a pretty good plan so far! so are you painting the wheels some other color, or did you repaint them silver? i say rock the AR wheels, they's tite yo! :rolleyes:
  4. Already painted them silver. they were the machinish look before? with grim and dirt from being strict track wheels. so they got cleaned up..there just for the time bring.

    idk what wheels i wanna go with yet :shrug: so many choices!
  5. since you're going 5 lug, get the DD 03/04 cobras! :drool:

    View attachment 303551

    or the DD saleen sc's like i just got
  6. man, i kick ass.. you're welcome, ryan. glad i could help you pick a name :). good luck with this one man - don't go messing it up now lol.

    i'm tellin you man, when i'm out in the notch, i'm NEVER in a hurry... EVER. i always keep like, 30 feet behind everyone. it pisses people off, but screw them.

    you think ohio is bad? try new jersey, man. i live 10-20 minutes away from like, every major mall in the state.. the ass holes we get coming over from new york are ridiculous.

    leave early, get there late, do what ever you gotta do to keep your head in the game.
  7. *in voice from little dude on Robocop*


    If you're tempted to throw those old rims/tires away, feel free to send 'em on over to my house. I don't care if they're ugly, they've probably got fresher tires than the 8+ year old Michelins on my turbines right now.

    And keep the turbines on there after you swap rims. Turbines on black Foxes FTW! :rock: (Then again, I'm kinda biased on those now... :D )

    DO NOT sell this thing later on, especially if you're going to go through the expense/hassle of doing a T-5 swap and 5-lug swap - you will NEVER get a proper return on that investment when you sell.
  8. when did they start making DD cobra wheels?
  9. How long till you start posting burnout videos again?:nice: I say no time like the present.
  10. That car is a perfect starting point. Definetly swap those rims soon those turbines will look much better than those rims on their now..
  11. the rusty tips are really coming out on top here...they wont wcome off :notnice:
  12. For now i'd personally run some clean 10 holes vs. turbines or the AR's. They look pretty tough with some wide tires.
  13. sawzall lol. it looks good man keep it
  14. cut the tips off as stated above.
  15. Cut the tips and dump it over the axle for now.
  16. Thats how my exhaust is. Dumps on each side of gas tank. :nice:
  17. well again. why spend the extra money on them when im getting something else in the short term?
  18. i want to save the cat back..there polished..just very dirty..i dont want dumps.. hell no. not with turbo mufflers. the drone kills my ears on the last one.
  19. 89MustangLX024.jpg
    gotta go!