Project "BlackOut" 89 convert.

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  1. Ryan that looks awesome man...very nice work and a great idea.

    I still don't get these "I don't agree with it" people...please, someone tell me, WHATS NOT TO AGREE WITH?! Is the useless ashtray with its often broken lid so sacred? Is a rear seat delete disagreeable? What about removing stock seats for aftermarkets? Same principle applies. If it is because he cut up his factory console...who cares? There are MILLIONS of them out there. Wanna restore it back to stock? I am sure a 4banger LX up to its axles in mud in a junkyard would give up its console top.
  2. +1

    In my case i think i'm going to hit the Salvage yard and find one i can hack up (since my blue one is hard enough to find). This way i'll save the stock blue one. My ashtray door works just fine and if i ever wanted to back to stock, i could.

    Still i LOVE this idea and i plan on doing it over the summer! :nice:
  3. thanks guys. and good idea coupe. going to go out after i get something to eat anf install it back in the car.
  4. Any better, up close pics?
  5. dude, seriously, you need to find someone that will buy that as a master and make a mold of it, you could make some serious coin making those, i'd love to be able to grab a soda from qt or fast food on my lunch break and not worry about it spilling all over the place.
  6. thats should make a bunch and sell them off for profit...i could use a cup holder in mine
  7. so now that you're done with it, how much ya want for it? :D
  8. not for sale lol. if your serious pm me.

    the flash makes it look brighter then it is. ill get one of it out in the sun tomm.

  9. That turned out real nice Ryan.
  10. AWESOME, mang! Wayyyyyyyy better than my ghetto-riffic cupholder (a Wedgie cupholder bolted to the passenger side of the console). :nice:

    Definitely look into getting someone to mold that and make copies so the rest of us (who aren't as skilled with fabricating things) can have one. :)
  11. DAAAAAAMMMMN. Nice work.
  12. i love how everyone gives ryan so much hell an dhow he continues to make his car nicer and nicer and doesnt let everyone dicourage him. if yall guys gave me that much hell i would have been cussed someone out.

    good job ryan and IMO you have one of the nicest verts on here.
  13. Nice work man, looks really nice for a custom job.

  14. ohhhh but i have lol. now a days i just ignore the negative nacyes :D

    thanks bud!
  15. That looks great Ryan. Did you just use red putty in a little tube??

    Did you have to worry about the height of the cup holders or the cigarette lighter hitting the floor board? What cigarette lighter did you use? And where did you get that cover for it? I am sure you can get any set of cup holders, I would just be worried about the height, I may try this and just put in one cup holder. Im gonna get a set of those push in cup hodlers from my work and see if I can cut them up to work.
  16. Seriously man, that looks like it could be stock. Awesome job! I'd have to say that the only thing I don't like is the location of the ciggy lighter, but hey you've got to have one somewhere. Looks really good.
  17. I guess you could always put an outlet on either side of the shifter bezel, alternatively... :shrug:

    I would try this if I had an extra center console laying around that I could hack up. I only have an extra armrest delete, which I'm planning on drilling a couple of holes into and mounting a cupholder onto that. Frankenstang hates it, but she also hates how my current cupholder keeps hitting her left knee...

    View attachment 266690

    Wish I could find a way to make mine look somewhat stock-ish, like it actually belongs in there instead of something I just tacked on there like a cheap/lazy bastard. Again, props to you, Ryan! :nice:
  18. yes red putty in the tube.

    the high of the cup holders is the exact same hight from the flor board to top of center console so it bacially sits on the floor board as well. ( cup holders are from a 2005 ford explorer )

    its hidden for the most parts. and gotta have it for my cell charger ect for the longer trips.
  19. Excellent customization of the console lid!!!

    I use a hard wired accessory plug behind the radio to plug in my radar detector, but yea, got to have an outlet for the cell phone.

    The paint from 50resto is a great match as long as you paint the whole top. I have used it to blend in spots in the interior while the part was still on the car. Works good, but got to be good with the can to make it look right with masking, :)

    I also have dreams of one day working with fiberglass and making something.
  20. Awesome job Ryan, I just picked up a extra at the junkyard to do the same thing, I hope i turns out as nice as yours.:nice: