Project "BlackOut" 89 convert.

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  1. I foresee a massive shortage of Explorer cupholders in junkyards across the nation. :D

  2. what year did you get in from?
  3. great job how did the grain come out did it match?
  4. Looks great man!
  5. never tried the idea i had. im not 100% happy with it. im going to pull it out and shape it some more when it warms up.
  6. I think I remember a trick where you use coarse sandpaper and press it into Bondo or whatever molding material you're using while it's still soft to replicate the texture... :scratch:
  7. I was gonna ask how the texture came out. That sounds like an idea worth trying dark writer, maybe ill try it on a piece of plastic and see how it comes out compared to the console. It may be easier to put a LIGHT coat of putty over all the console parts and sand it down real smooth, then paint them all the color you need.
  8. Ryan,
    Man that rocks, really did a good job. I would be interested in what you would charge for one the same color. I even have a extra console that I could sent you, let me know.

  9. send me a PM. you find the cup holders that you like and send me both and ill do it.

  10. I might actually try it one day too! I still have a bunch of the black paint the guy used to paint other interior parts. :banana:

    And if you're at the SB cruise-in.....I'm gonna nit-pick that thing! :p
  11. good for me then ill be re doing it before then most likely since i know pople will look at it. :)

    you'll get to meet my old man too!:eek:
  12. Looks really good man. I can't stand cars that do not have cup holders, should be mandatory! I have a third gen camaro, and what do you know, no ****ing cupholders!! drives me nuts. You did a good job molding them in. Lets see some more custom work

  13. So will he be chaperoning you? :D

    If it looks like it does in pics like it will in person.....looks great mang.


    I'm just messing with ya. :nice:
  14. :nice:I was wondering the same thing, seem a couple guys always know better, then, like his first vert, as you see the work, they seem to disappear! I'll tell ya, both times I went into a showroom to buy a new 5.0, had this been an option, it would've been in both those cars. Great idea. Beautiful work. I'd like to see how it holds up under summertime temps, but, just, wow:nice:. Next, an infomercial- its not a console, its a Ryansole! For only 3 easy payments of $39.95! No more mess, no fuss, no muss! Has this ever happened to you(large Mountain Dew drops on hot chick in GT legs, she jumps as though electrocuted)? Your 5.0 can be as user friendly as your kitchen table! And it cleans up with just soap and water(aforementioned hot chick uses Brawny on cupholder Ryansole, big smile:D)!
  15. :lol: You've really been thinking this commercial out, huh? I think he wants to be your writer/director Ryan!
  16. lol true dat
  17. put new shocks and struts in it today. still working with the headlights.

  18. LOVE your car Ryan :nice:
  19. I think slightly lower in the back and you will like the stance a little better. Might help with clearing driveways out front too?