Project "BlackOut" 89 convert.

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  1. yeah but im not a fan of cut coils. im going to remove the isolates in the rear and that would be like a 1/4 inch plus there is nothing in the trunk. no spare tire jack or even carpet lol. plus its on E. so with a full tank and the weight of a spare tire and my full size jack i always keep in it i think ill be ok.

    rant!!! if my ****ing insurance agent would answer his ****ing phone i would be driving this thing right now!!!!! :fuss:
  2. Yeah I would never say cut the coil, but as you suggested those things will help a ton as far as looks go.

    Make sure you have your card in the car before driving it.
  3. yeah i keep one in the car and my wallet. but i need new headlights now. my dads an ass and broke mine. then blamed me for it "becasue i cant leave **** alone" :fuss:
  4. ok got new headlights, explorer upper and lower is on. runs like a and bought a new part for it :D
  5. 03.jpg


    headlights are just sitting in there. also bought new 5.0 badges
  6. looks good. I'd say go badgeless, but thats my opinion. How much better is that explorer intake?
  7. flows within a few CFM as the cobra upper and lower i believe.

    and nope. not going badgeless.
  8. Hey Ryan did you go the swap meet over the weekend? We drove over there and spent the whole day.
  9. yeah. was there pretty much all day saturday. had my stangnet shirt on lol. thats where i bought the headlights, cam, and badges.
  10. ok so a brief little blog. lol.

    i love this car =] forgot how much i missed it. its running great. one bad thing is. god damn does it have some wheel hop now! i figure probably because of lack there of quad shocks. with it being lowered how it is, it rides surprisingly smooth. stiff but not by any means like rattle your bones stiff. it stays planted if its put through a corner.( although the wheels rub really bad when turned =[ ) and the cup holders. there great lol. i have a place to sit my phone now when its charging instead of flying across the seat! and also i can put a drink there now without it doing the same thing!

    i picked up another center console so I'm going to get some cup holders again and make another one.
  11. Yeah I think i'm going to get some touring springs for my car. Wanna do more track stuff than just drag racing. Sounds like fun man.

    What are you going to do with the extra cup-holder console? Sell it on eBay or something? That would be a good hobby to bring in some cash.
  12. That engine bay looks awesome. I love the Explorer intake because you can use the stock engine plate. Great looking car!

  13. not ebay, just on one of the mustanf fourms. going to make it then list it. whoever wants it ill dye it what color they want.

  14. thanks man. some more eninge bay stuff will happen this weekend if weather is nice.
  15. you should get a set of rear control arms for that wheel hop

  16. thats the plan. it can wait for a little bit till i come across some i want.
  17. You're definitely doing a great job with this car. I'll have a fox again one day. I miss my '86 GT.
  18. thanks man. id sell this car though if i could finda low milliage 86 GT T-top 5 speed Hatch in black though. i love the 85 and 86's but im more of an efi guy.

    anyway. i want a min of 300 rwhp by the end of this summer so ive been collection some more parts. hey why not :shrug: so far ive got a cam. looking for a set of GT40 heads. then the expensive piece which may take me till end of the year to get will be Vortech S-trim, or an older paxton unit if i come across a really good deal. i know that will put me a little over 300 at 5 lbs but i gotta keep it mild till im 18 and can put the man peddle in this thing! i know the aod will not like this car after the cam in installed and i find a set of heads for it. im just going to hold off on putting the cam in till i find a set of heads and get a double roller timing chain for it and some 1.6 RR. been trying to find a set of crane 1.6 RR but having no such luck.

    the cam is some what mild in lift but will work really well with boost.

    anywho. the car feels slow to me :(