Project Blue Collar: Fox Body Mustang Restoration

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  1. I know you have all seen the Craigslist and Forum post about a Fox Body Mustang that reads something like this: Fox Body Mustang Cheap -- Won’t Start. Many times these types of projects can be a nightmare but sometimes they can be a diamond in the rough. That is what we found in Project Blue Collar. The wiring, interior and exterior were all in place; just not in the best of conditions. We plan to pull from many of our 5.0Resto parts and completely restore this 1988 Mustang GT.

    I will keeep adding to this thread. Keep an eye out for updates as we continue to work on Project Blue Collar: Fox Body Mustang Restoration.

  2. Follow the link from post #1. Stage 2 is now live.

    Here is a little summary.


    With the fuel system and ignition systems completely replaced on our project Fox Body Mustang it was time to make sure we optimized its performance with some “free” tuning! One of the best things about owning a Fox Body Mustang is the fact that you don’t need a tuner or performance chip to improve your performance. Advancing timing and improving idle can be done in your garage for free!
  3. Stage 3 is now up for project blue collar.


    Stage 3 of Project Blue Collar is our first step toward prepping our Fox Body Mustang for paint! The interior is nasty to say the least. We figured this was the perfect opportunity to remove the seats so we could get them ready for some upholstery work. In true LatemodelResto fashion, we decided to take the opportunity to show you how to remove your seats.
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  4. Stage 4: Paint Prep Work

    Project Blue Collar

    With the major interior components removed, it was time to turn to the exterior and prep it for paint. It was at this point we all got a little bit more excited about the project. The faded and peeling clear coat had been an eyesore since Project Blue Collar rolled into the garage.
  5. Cool project.
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