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  1. Besides sensors it is all there a damn nice harness i might add
  2. OK Thanks Mike.....think I will consider getting one if uncle sam ever gets done "reviewing" my large return this year.
  3. Yeah man no problem that will be a good tike to get rid of the egr stuff as well as do a minor wire tuck look back a couple pages and youll get the idea of what i did

  4. Thanks, still gotta run through it to see what all I might need though.
  5. Alright well let me know and i can go over there and do some searching for you so you dont have to go all the way up here
  6. Think I only have the spacer and tank, rest of smog stuff is gone including cats. What sort of forced induction setup are you planning to run?? Curious as that may be the direction I go next, or perhaps a 6-speed for more useable powerband with the 4.10's. So many things to do allready, watching some of you guys going at it is inspiring though.
  7. EGR...still functional
  8. If you are going forced ibduction i would go lower gears youll accelerate so fast through the gears that you will never produce boost im going 3.55 gears for that reason and im going with a turbo setup because i like turbos over superchargers
  9. And i much prefer 5 speeds vs. Six
  10. The EGR delete you mention doesn't really benefit much as far as I've read here. Kills highway mileage? Are you doing a rear disk conversion on this car? I'll keep that in mind (5 vs. 6 & ratio)...have a lot to think over still. Too bad someone don't offer a twin-screw setup that bolts on. Not ready to dive into fab etc.
  11. It doesnt kill mileage performance or anything really i didnt do a delete either i just removed it and got a shorter belt and adjustable rod setup for the alternator
  12. Do you use that RJM plug they have for the egr wiring? I need a new headlight harness, can't remember if I saw those there or elsewhere. I know someone sells a beefed up one that handles the voltage better when running fog lights. My harness looked like it had baked a few times, surprised it worked at all. Now the plugs behind cluster are falling apart, so time to junk the whole unit.
  13. Question now is how well are you with electrical because i was gonna go ron francis kit where you solder all your end connectors for the body harness but i didnt have the time to be bothered with it.
  14. Yeah well that's my problem....I'm fairly good at wiring, soldering etc and too damn picky. Wired the car for sounds when I got it.. spent about 1k just in wiring(overkill but stout) just to get it to my liking, then removed it because car was sitting non-op. Sounds would play when car wouldn't. Why I don't bother with current issues, would rather just yank the whole thing and start fresh. At least then you know how well everything is grounded etc. But I agree on not wanting to solder or splice any more connections then necessary. Looks tacky and is a weak link in conductivity.
  15. So i scored a nice set of 95 cobra r wheels replicas or not these still look awesome gonna get them powdercoated in either a flat or satin black


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  16. Got my hood back finally from that sorry excuse of a painter he wanted 3700 for just labor of a non booth job And I did not agree to that do he was pissed I didn't pay the last 600 but whatever he messed up a lot of my parts I wanted to reuse. ... interior door handles steering column and door glass and those weren't even in the car yet he was able to mess them up hahaha... but anyways this is the hood painted its just resting on the car now


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  17. Well I got some more work done to the car I got my 93 cobra booster in and holy sh it I realize now why guys say they need to "massage" the shock tower luckily I didn't have to do that I just elongated the two holes next to the engine.


    Also got me a new stock fuel tank couldn't beat the deal on the of 110 bucks so got all the pump and sending unit reinstalled just waiting on my fuel lines to be run before I throw that bad boy up in there.


    Also resealed this t5 which will go in just to get the car back on the road while I save for a tko600.


    Routed hopefully my last bit of wires other then battery starter and alternator wires, I had forgotten to run wires for my electric fans this kit from Ron Francis wiring is top notch came with two relays all the wire with excess and sensor hardest part of this was rerouting the sensor wire back into the car so I can go through the hole I made in the trans tunnel.


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  18. Well I got working on my rear a little bit all I have left is plumv the lines I ordered wrong but oh well and its of the primer in the pic I forgot to get a updated pic before I left.


    Also got my clutch in and installed put a new pilot bearing on starter is coming next week along with fuel lines so I'll have the trans back in and the tank as well

  19. Looking good! The sheet metal cleanup in engine compartment is something I could use...(hole filling etc)