Progress Thread Project Copper Can

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  1. Awesome rear-end jig BTW. :nice:

  2. I didn't realize til after I gotten it painted that there were more panels that I could've added before paint like firewall cover and shock tower covers.

    Gee thanks Noobz347 I also use it for my dirt bikes haha luckily it worked well while I put everything together
  3. IMG_20130416_200859_056_zps95d4dd1f.jpg

    Got my Upr suspension all together now. Sharad thanks for all the help and great product. Now I just need to finish plumbing the rear line then it'll be back in the car
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  4. Hey are those the skinnies for the front, leaning against the wall there?

    Bold choice. :D
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  5. Those knobs will really grip in the turns mayne.
  6. :rlaugh:
    Tire wear is gonna be an issue....
  7. I didn't tell y'all? I'm gonna put some 35" boggers on her and enter this car in the county tractor pull haha
  8. Tire wear .... what's that?
  9. Anytime. Your setup is looking good. I can't wait to hear how you like it once you get it installed.
  10. Looking good bro!
  11. Thanks man I'm just waiting on my supply fuel line which seems that everyone has them on back order [email protected] what's the answer to why everyone can't get a supply fuel line in stock?
  12. I need the first one in original steel though not stainless
  13. I don't offer it with original steel, stainless only. Curious question here, why do you want original steel?
  14. Because it will be on there less then a year after that I'm going braided stainless with an fitting
  15. Ahhhh makes sense.
  16. I mean dont get me wrong all my brake lines are stainless just no point in buing stainless if I am just gonna replace it for bigger line
  17. So I got some more work done I got the intermediate brake lines installed and also got the supply fuel line put in, accidentally ordered two supply fuel lines by mistake pahaha oh well.

    Got my rear end installed that took forever Sharad haha




    So next step is get return line installed tank installed and fix the trans to install that then I'll be able to install the rest of the exhaust and finally get my garage back.
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  18. You'll have to let me know how that UPR coil-over works out for ya. I've heard mixed reviews but not from any verifiable sources.

    Are you running those wheels in the final cut? I thought I remembered a different set of wheels in a previous discussion.
  19. Yes these are the wheels I will be using the ones in previous pics were 09 v6 wheels that were my girlfriends brothers that he let me use to wheel the car around on I need to shorten the fronts though a 9" wheel with that offset sticks too far out the fender so either get 7" wheels or get someone to shorten them for me as in cut and reweld