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  1. How is the rear end setup? Is it Fox length or SN95?
  2. The rears fine they are fox length axles its the front are sticking out like 3/4 of an inch past the fender

  3. Ahhh.... I missed that piece. Eventually, you should find something retro to go with that color.
  4. I'm trying to get these wheels really I wonder if Cj sells them or lmr
  5. Which? :scratch: I see nuffink.
  6. The front cobra r wheels don't fit they are 17x9 and they stick out to far I need them brought in but I dont wanna get a whole new set of wheels if I don't need to so I'm trying to see either how to fit the 9 inch wide wheel under the fender or what not
  7. Now that I'm reading this people are running 17x9 wheels up front it must be an optical illusion on me here now
  8. I know of a few people around town running a 9" wheel on a fox up front. 17x9 up front and 17x10 in the back. 2 of our personal fox bodies are running that same set up.
  9. I'm running a 18x9 FR500 front wheel with 94/95 front spindles, cobra brakes, and stock control arms and it fits in the wheel well up front. But I have 10 inch rears and Sn95 axles out back so they stick out some. The wheels I believe are Sn95 offset.
  10. Its gotta be an optical illusion then or the caster camber isn't as square as I thought it was I'm going 245 up front so maybe that will help it out some to
  11. Or the backspacing for the wheels you have is wrong for your front-end.
  12. That could be too I think they came with 24 and 36 mom offset which is I believe a 5.95 and a 6.45 inch back spacing so I will probably need the 6.45 back spacing to bring the wheel back into the fender
  13. Mike, I was thinking about getting this done with a set of wheels also. I wonder what the staying power is on a set that gets welded properly - probably good a s factory. what do you think?

    I wanted to run the Saleen Replicas 18's with my SN95 upgrade, but I only find them in 9". I have the 86 in stock fender form - but I relly want to make that wheel work...
  14. I've definitely seen them widen the wheels my brothers supra rear wheels were done I've never seen somebody actually shorten them though
  15. Get to WORK you slacker!!! and BTW, cleanup your room! :pop:
  16. Oh I put that rear in the car and that's not me haha that's my buddy that was a long night after school and all I think I left at 1130 that night and that area is his with that kawa 450 he's rebuilding
  17. I've seen a set of 17's narrowed to run skinnys on a terminator, it was ****en to say the least..
  18. My only thing is will it draw the wheel into the fender more? That's what my ultimate goal is that and run like a 235-225
  19. Widening or narrowing wheels (on the inside) doesn't affect the mounting offset, so your fender to wheel clearance doesn't change. It's pretty popular to have Weldcraft make a set of big and littles. I saw a picture of a set of 03 Cobra wheels that they did. 5" up front and 12" in the rear. It was weird seeing skinny factory wheels.

    Most wheels that Weldcraft do tend to balance better than before they were modified.
  20. That's pretty much what I figured the wheels now are a 5.95 bs unless its my eyes or that the camber is out of whack I really don't know it hasn't been aligned since I put the Upr Products cc plates