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  1. I don't think it will if they are cut on the inboard of the rim; the mounted points will be the same. Should draw the tire away from the shock / strut. I think id just be worried about a weld breaking or leaking - thus my qualification: Done right.

    I think I'm eventually going to look into getting some ffront done. I just don't want the hasslte ecessive rub. or having to install steering limiter and making airplane sized Uturns.
  2. Jarrod, I have plans to get the Saleen Replicas from you guys, but am gun-shy about getting them here and finding out in stock 86 fender form, i'm screwed. The later Foxes have a bit of help with the SN95 spindles ( I have them also) and with their K-member having a bit different geometry thrown-in; maybe that doesn't effect offset and backset IDK.

    What's your take on the 86 with 18x9's up front?
  3. Yeah when I get the new tires I won't rub hopefully but I'm gonna try and get the car off the jackstands and get the front aligned before I do anything major

  4. Check out this blog. MikeH686 this might help you as well.

    We did this 5 lug conversion on Lee's coupe and stuffed our drifts under it. Its a 4 post blog.
  5. Jarrod I hate to say it but that blog was very uninformative I expected something more detailed but I have installed the brake system on the car already I just am seeing if the wheel I have will work or do I need to find a different set of front wheels my current BS is 5.95 if I go find some of these cobras with 6.45 BS I should good to clear the fender and I can run a taller tire to clear the shock.
  6. Thanks Jarrod for the response and the link to Lee's build. I'll use a bunch of that info.

    It's great that you are at LMR and here with your ear to the ground absorbing first hand the needs and "frustration " of us car guys doing our thing.

    Funny thing about wheels is I would have thought the wheel makers would have gotten word that Fox guys are in desire for a narrower wheel up front. I'd buy the Saleen Replicas right now, event though I'm not at that phase if I new they offered, say and 18 x 8" version( i'd even settle for 17 x8's) that for certain would tuck under my 86GT front fenders without all the wheel rub dramma - steering limiters and wheel splash removal etc.

    I dooo realize that this is non-OEM fitment stuff, and i'm grateful to even find parts for my 26 year old car.:hail:
  7. What looks good???? I haven't seen any pic updates for a whole page! :fuss:
  8. A whole new sudden interest in my build now huh noobz? I feel like Scott and his build where its 6 pages of talking for every one picture he posts I did get the bell housing on and starter put in that was such a pain I had to take the passenger header back off to get the housing on... oh and has anyone ever double flared stainless brake lines? I'm lost with this I can't get it to start
  9. I have. It sucked. I'm still not sure how I pulled it off and couldn't explain it well at all.
  10. The tool I'm using just pushes it through the block I would say heat it up some but then I cant put my hands on it haha
  11. Hit up RacEoHolic330 I think I remember him doing some of that in the not too distant past. If not, madmike1157 might know.

    There was an awful lot of cussin' when I had to do mine.
  12. I didn't use SS when I built all of my brake lines,...whatever standard steel brake lines are made of is all I used.

    No cussin, as I recall.
  13. The only place SS is welcome on any car is the exhaust,....other wise it's a bit killing, blade dulling, hard to work with pain in the ass.
    ** of course,....that's just my opinion, may like having dull blades, dead bits and 'roids.:shrug:
  14. I know you must heat SS brake lines so they don't crack when being flared.

    I didn't buy SS lines for my car. I went with a nickel alloy material brake line that you can literally wrap around your finger without any tools. Should make flaring a breeze! Good luck with your PITA stainless ;)
  15. The stainless is one problem, the tool is another. Eastwood makes a killer but expensive tool. In my opinion, it's been worth every penny for me.
    As far as lines, here is what I use - FedHill.
  16. Gee thanks guys haha good thing I only need to make like 5 double flares ughhhh
  17. Everywhere I have read says to heat the line and let it air cool which makes sense but some sites say to only single flare and others say double why would you want to only single flare a brake line wouldnt the fitting not sit in there right?
  18. I think maybe the SS is too brittle to make the second flare w/o cracking??
  19. That's why they say to heat it but guys who say single flare is because you double flare mild steel because its a weaker metal