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  1. nitto nt555 and nt05s out back
  2. Let me know how you like those NT05r drag radials. I'm considering them, but I'm concerned how flimsy the sidewalls will be on the street. I need a tire that will stick better than a street tire, but still be able to handle a corner worth a damn.
  3. Yeah it was either these or mt et streets II but by nittos website they give rhem good street eatings
  4. RacEoHolic330 I put the NT05s on the white 2v I had for a few months. They hooked on the street with 460whp and I didn't notice a difference in driveability at all. Great tires.
  5. So I got around to mounting my tires to my cobra r's to save money I didn't have them powdercoated but I will later on down the road.

    So after mounting them all to the car I just couldn't help myself so I had my buddy and me roll the car out and wipe the dust off her and take a few pics for you guys. The color looks ten times better out with natural light.:hitit:




    the ass end is a little high but I still need to adjust all of that ... in due time :fuss: ... along with all the other crapola on my list I wrote in crayon on a piece of cardboard. hey its all I had at the time.
  6. Color is so sick !

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  7. Thanks man i was starting to get worried because i havent seen the car together in natural light so i thought it was gonna be darker
  8. The color does look nice!
  9. That paint is amazing! The color looks so deep and rich in the sunlight.
  10. Thanks guys Sharad hopefully ill be on the road within a few weeks!
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  11. Alright so i got the battery and fuel in the car MAF sensor from rick at rnh Rick 91GT it looks great man and thanks for all the help with it as well. Now i started the car today it did nothing but crank, i know typical right? so i looked up the codes i got 82 84 85 23 and 95 the only one in concern to me is 95 secondary fuel pump circuit failed, now i have a rjm harness which has its own relay all i need to do is send power right straight to the fuel pump well i did that using the same wire coming from the stock relay which is the pink and black wire. My problem is my rjm relay is not clicking if I jumper it using the vip self test connector the relay clicks but the fuel pump still doesnt come on i think thats because i have the outgoing wire wrong so im gonna wire that straight to the pump now that i have some more wire to use but my true question here is why isnt my computer grounding the fuel pump circuit? like i said i jumper the self test connector it clicks but nothing without the jumper. Please help guys! I have already spent four hours on this i think if i can get my fuel pump running i can get this ol girl to run.
  12. Do you have you inertia switch hooked up and working properly? It sounds like you are running the stock fuel pump relay as well as the RJM one. That is probably what is giving you issues. Can you just wire the RJM relay to work by itself with the correct wires from the ECU, inertia switch, 12V, and output to pump? The pump should be grounded at all times. Ground is not triggered by the ECU.

    BTW, I'm digging the color in the sun! I've always been a fan of the burnt orange look.
  13. Inertia is hooked up yad yada but im not getting it even that far and correct the pump is constantly gounded but the control side or coil side of the relay is grounded via the computer its not being grounded
  14. How ill do it now is go straight from the output of that relay to the pump so theres no confusion with the relays hopefully thats all it is everythings fought me today get there the battery i just bought is dead the plug i bought for the manifold was weong i ran out of connectors. Lol i did get her to at least crank
  15. Alright i got it just looked at the chiltons book i attached my fuel pump output ftom ejm to the incoming side of the stock relay pink and black comes from the battery somewhere but i shouldve been going to the green and yellow wire but im just go straight to tge fuel pump now
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    That was a kind of special troll. They don't usually take the time to create a profile, an avatar, and everything else before getting the bant hammer. :shrug:
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  18. Hey! She was a nice lady! Haha
  19. Car looks great Mike! Kind of jealous of the paint :). How much do you have left to finish the car?
  20. Dude where you been?!?!?! Haha i started her up last night so last night all i have left is body panels and headliner you know petty :poo:
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