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  1. For your sake, I hope that I am wrong on this one. In the past, it has been a problem for others. If you experience problems, I would recommend an aluminum shield around the filter and use some flex ducting to direct air from the fender well area to the filter. If you are good with metalwork, build your own airbox in a manner similar to the 2005-2013 V8 Mustangs using sheet aluminum. It polishes up nicely if you don't have many visible dings and scratches..
  2. I mean i only plan on it being on for a year then turbo time but i ran it for almost 20done minutes the other day to check everything and idle was pretty flatline no change in pitch
  3. Looks good!!
  4. Hey @Sharad how hard is it to use your upr caster camber plates i wanna get it close before i take it to my alignment guy
  5. I'm with JR on the aluminum heat shield. I think that would look kick ass! I'd like to do something like that for mine.
  6. Suuuuuper easy!
  7. @84Ttop i put the video up for you and you dont even respond that breaks my heart i thought we was doritos buds
  8. Doritos makes it all better

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  9. I couldn't get it to load on my phone, and am just sitting in front of the computer now. Car sounds great and looks great too! Next video needs to be a burn out! lol

    How far away are you from the maiden voyage? Mine makes its maiden voyage to the frame rack tomorrow morning at 6:30.....
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  10. Maiden voyage will be as soon as i can get a steering wheel and a set of gauges
  11. Love the car! Looks like it's gonna be a blast to drive.
  12. Thanks man well i took it for its maiden voyage with no gauges windshield and a dirtbike helmet and goggles everything works good now
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  13. video of that or it didn't happed
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  14. Ok ill take one tomorrow if i have a buddy take the vid
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  15. Ok wondering if somebody could help me with a picture of how the brake on off switch is mounted no matter how i mount mine it never activates the switch but i press it with my fonger it works great.
  16. Ok... It's acting dumb. I'll try this again.
  17. brake1.jpg brake2.jpg brake3.JPG brake4.JPG
  18. thanks you noobz ill try it this week
  19. @Noobz347 i got the brake switch to work finally such a pita and i got my hood on needless to say i was sweating bullets the whole time drilling this ****. Only thing left is headliner glass and front end alignment! Woohoo!!!!

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  20. Almost there!!! Looking good..