Progress Thread Project Copper Can

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  1. Hopefully this is the last time shes on the trailer to be worked on but leaving now to go drop it off to have glass put in it.. 2013-09-20_15-52-23_666.jpg
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  2. Anybody know what the thread size is on the front fender spats its the square piece on the fender that gets golted to both the bumper and the fender itself

  3. Are you talking about the piece that goes here?

  4. Why yes ... yes i do haha reason why they arent on yet
  5. Thats for the gt im an lx they have two studs to connect it to the fender and three holes to connect and bolt to the bumper they arent 6mm nuts they might be 1/4 20 nuts
  6. Nope haha those go to the plastiv hard molding rigjt above it because those nuts are the self threading nuts that go around a plastic nipple like the front of fender molding. Im sure ill figure it out ill just have to get my big tap and die set out
  7. Well i snapped a few pics today after i washed the car for the first time and waxed the front clip 2013-10-04_17-28-29_930.jpg 2013-10-04_17-28-41_138.jpg 2013-10-04_17-28-51_115.jpg
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  8. :jaw: Looks amazing!!!
  9. Thanks man hopefully i will have this thing to mir one day ... my fuel pump is giving me issues either my pump is fried or the filter is clogged i jumped the relay out to get it to run and took my guage off and got no fuel but the filter is new and im sure it's the pump it was what was in the car when i bought it and i was a dumbarse and ran the pump low on fuel to much like when i say low i mean i would toss a gallon or two in the car but its not grounded out or anything just wont prime
  10. Interesting thread, thanks for the views!

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  11. Snapped a few more pics this morning after i cleaned up the inside.

    2013-10-06_09-14-08_898.jpg 2013-10-06_09-14-25_901.jpg 2013-10-06_09-15-19_35.jpg 2013-10-06_09-15-33_339.jpg 2013-10-06_09-15-44_833.jpg

    I need to figure out the steering column cover as you can see its pretty pitiful looking with the huge gap to the back of the steering wheel
  12. I want your gauge cluster...
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  13. That's insanely gorgeous
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  14. Thanks guys and @boostfrk you can get the same cluster as me at florida 5.0
  15. The car looks really great Mike. I like the drizzle effect on the intake and console.
    (I get to use this now) :grats:
  16. Man, what a beautiful job! So clean and classy, but with fantastic color and design ideas that really making it pop. I might have to start snooping around the Southern MD cruises to see this thing in person!