Progress Thread Project Copper Can

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  1. Looks like a fun project. I agree with Mike though, not sure about a bolt-on hood for a street car. Usually bolt on cowls are 5+" tall, and in my opinion, anyone with a 5" cowl better have a 408 or larger sitting under the hood to validate the need for such a huge cowl.
  2. Mines only a two inch though
  3. That's a shame. :(
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  4. Damn pervs pahahaha
  5. I probably shouldn't have bought my GT.
    I got so many ideas, so few dollars!
  6. Well i have it the other way around somewhat
  7. That's a great CT you got there man. Good job. :nice:
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  8. CT?

    <<<<<<-------- Lookey Here!
  9. See your post above. :D
  10. What.... the.... fack!!!!!!! Pahahaha
  11. I almost shed a tear when I traded my stock hood for that awful cowl hood a couple weeks ago. It's so hard to see around!!!
  12. I still got both
  13. That leads us to how did you "fill" the holes that the hood hinges used to occupy?
    If that is a fiberglass cover or riveted then covered in a skim of bondo,.......easy to un-do.
    You'll have a bunch of work to restore the functionality, but you'll thank yourself for sweating it out the next time you're all alone, it's raining,the wind is blowing...and you need under there for some reason.

    If you welded plate over the holes.................................:suicide:

    If you have to keep it as it is now, and stock 2v can just kick each other every now and then.:banana:
  14. Fab up a front mounted set of hinges so the hood opens from the rear. :D
  15. I do like the idea of front mounted hinges and all
  16. The only. Question would be how lol
  17. Ah, you don't need the hinges. Fab up so the entire front end tilts forward and you'll never have to lift the hood ever anyway.:D

    Like this.

    Or put the hinges up front like this.

    Side mount.
  18. I think thats a possibility to do a front hinge look i was just wondering how that front curved lip in the middle needs to be adjusted or modified
  19. Subscribed FTW