Progress Thread Project Copper Can

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  1. Yep... Government's shut down. They don't even have someone available to come talk to you about it. :shrug:
  2. Yeah i went tax exempt on my paycheck i mean govt. Shutdown whats the point of having taxes
  3. I do believe my car is upset with me right now 2013-10-10_17-57-09_570.jpg
  4. Got a front end alignment done on the car. Now just gotta do some last minute tighten ups and a headliner and i will be golden! 2013-10-17_19-35-06_445.jpg 2013-10-17_19-35-21_917.jpg
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  5. Love those drag radials in the rear. Looks killer.
  6. Not yet. I'm holding off on getting my wheels widened right now. Leaning towards the toyo drag radials. Let me know how yours handle the corners when you get some miles on them
  7. I mean i took a corner at about 70
  8. It didnt feel sloppy to me
  9. Fml!
    so im driving along went to my machinist and had him re adjust some rocker arms on my way back had some stalling issues started it up again and heard a loud bang then this! Man i cant win
  10. Holy fawk dude. That there is the suxxorz. :notnice:
  11. Yeah anyone know if adjusting about 4to rockers could cause erratic idle issues? Every stop light i went to it stalled out and it never did it before i went to the machinist... @84Ttop @Sharad @RacEoHolic330
  12. If they aren't adjusted properly then all sorts of bad things could happen. Just checking compression could tell you if you have some rocker adjusted too tight. What else did the guy change and why did he only bad just a few of them?
  13. I told him i kept hearing a tapping coming from the valve covee he took it off and found four rockers loose ... im gonna have him do it all now .. he built the motor and all
  14. I'm running 17x9 03/04 chrome Terminator wheels, 255/40/17 up front and 275/40/17 out back. No rubbing.

    Just a thought
  15. Mike ever get the motor right ?
  16. Uhm it's been on the trailer because I've been to lazy I found I definitely have a bad lifter though and that's where the ticking is coming from it just sucks because I read after I had the machinist re do the rockers and he never used a torque wrench so I'm kinda upset about the situation now but I need to get that one lifter replaced but I'm gonna go ahead and replace all of them
  17. You read... ? Do tell , id be pissed
  18. Yeah I read not none to good really but I'm livid about it but he's not doing anything about it typical with an engine builder he blamed me on it saying that I didn't break it in right but I remember him telling me he did that prior to handing it over to me