Progress Thread Project Copper Can

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  1. That's :bs:I'd be really pissed! Sorry to hear this. Who built it?
  2. Mckeown motors ports and oh I'm real upset I asked for a custom cam for when I go turbo he felt it was in my best interest that I should re do my heads as in complete rebuild and three angle valve job I would've bought new heads cus I need bigger heads when I go turbo but he never talked with me about it so now my limiting factor in my build is my cam which is a refs stage 1
  3. Yeah that sucks. At least the tfs cam isn't bad with a turbo:shrug:
  4. That's the only thing I don't really know is would I want a low lift cam for turbo or high lift?
  5. Turbo cams are almost always on the smallish side in comparison to a blower cam for instance. Example, My blower cam is .740/.730 and my buddies turbo cam in an almost identical setup is .648/.648
    If you need a good custom cam guy I have someone that I deal with and trust exclusively for my stuff. You could also call Bullet or Cam Motion.
  6. I see what your saying ok well I need to save for said turbo still. I made the dumb decision of moving out my parents and getting a house now I haves no monies
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  7. Moving out on your own is never a dumb decision. You have your priorities straight. I didn't touch my car for 4 years after I bought my house. Life takes over sometimes, but the car will usually always be there.
  8. Very true! I guess being 22 and buying my own house is a good decision haha guess I will just repair the lifters and drive the car for a while and save up for the turbo
  9. unfortunately I don't own but I have been on my own too since 19 so that's why my progress goes in stents of gathering all my parts then big progress then I slow down for a few months
  10. Yeah I mean I'm mostly done wit the car just want to get a turbo system upgrade the fuel system I.e. Aero motive stealth system get a better trans tko500 or 600 and mini tubs with supporting accesories
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  11. Hey I did that like 5 months ago, so progress on my car more or less stopped 5 months ago as well. Lmao.
    0 extra dollars that I want to spend on the car.
  12. I guess I should post some pics of my car to try and revive this thread what do you think @TOOLOW91
  13. Me like more pictures ? never ;)
  14. Well it will have to wait until this weekend I got four inches of snow on her cover
  15. The. Worst. Winter. Ever!!
  16. Tell me about it where you located? I'm in southern Maryland and we got hit with that blast of single digit weather for a few days
  17. I'm in northern Illinois few miles from the Wisconsin stateline. We've had wind chills in the -30 -45 range for a few days and been below normal cold and snowy for past 4-6 weeks. Mondays low was -20 high of -6 with 20mph winds. Just tired of this crap. Ok whine session over.
  18. Yeah we had two days of -15 weather that :poo: was cold jack especially in the coty where the wind gets all funneled
  19. Haha! We've had the same here in Western PA. I've been taking the dogs to the lake house every chance I get. There's twice as much snow up there as there is here at the house. Best part is that it's only a 15-20 min drive away.

    Can't wait till Friday afternoon. That'll be my next trip out there. Whole lake is frozen over.

    Good times. :nice: