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  1. Noobz I could have swore you lived in Arkansas.
    I may be thinking of someone else then

  2. Nope... You're thinking right. I DID live in Arkansas. Moved out here now.
  3. Liking it better out there?
  4. Actually don't worry about answering that, I don't want to hijack this thread lol
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  5. Meh... He's snowed in. No new pics till he thaws. lol

    I think I liked it better in AK. You know what they say though... The two best places you'll ever be are the one that you're on your way to or the one you have just left. :shrug:
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  6. Boo to all this snow.... That is all I have to add here!
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  7. Brr!!! All I can say is that there will be a mini baby boom on the central east coast in nine months from all this cold weather ;)
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  8. Got the cover off the car today and messing around with a few things put my Scott rod fab front bumper/ radiator cover installed looks pretty good I didn't rivet it down just for the fact if I ever needed to remove it to get to my wiring but here's a few pics of it all image.jpg image.jpg
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  9. Found out today while going over everything in my car, that I believe I have blow by from my pcv system, it still works but I do believe its just not enough. So Im gonna plug the pcv in the back and run an lines from the vc's to a catch can. My question to the great forum that this is, and after much searching all this morning is does anyone know of valve covers that have AN fittings welded on already? I looked but everywhere I look is just blank valve covers. @RacEoHolic330 @Noobz347
  10. Ummm... I don't know of any that come setup the way that you want them. I've always seen dudes just cut the whole and make them.
  11. There are a few places that make them but charge ungodly prices. I used the baffled fitting from jegs and drilled a hole in each vc. The baffled fitting install like a bulkhead fitting
  12. You have a link by any chance @madspeed? Also what did you do with the stock pcv port plug it? If so with what?
  13. I plugged it with a expandable rubber plug from the local auto parts store. Kind of like a plumbing fitting where you tighten the nut and the rubber expands filling the hole

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  14. Sweet did you keep your system in parallel to the catch can or did you use a y block and go bigger on the outlet?
  15. I mounted a moroso catch can with breather under the passenger fender. It had two 12 an fittings on it. One line to each vc. Thats it
  16. If you're plugging that whole, what do you plan to use for your vacuum source?
  17. That's what I figured thanks man now I just gotta save a few bucks to get all this :poo:
  18. Each intake is a bit different. Mine has several extra ports. The large one to the bb comes directly off the back side of the upper intake
  19. My vac source is coming from the back of my intake on a separate port