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  1. I have used an 1 1/4" freeze plug in the back of the intake in the past and had good results. I'm not a huge fan of the rubber expansion plug.. The baffled fittings are a great idea and can work nicely. If you so desire you could ship your valve covers up to me and I'll weld the fittings on for you and send them back. Not like I have much better things to do since my car is finished for now, lol. What type of valve covers are you running currently? Maybe we could hook you up with some nice fabricated aluminum ones???
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  2. Currently I am running stock valve covers I believe they have no other markings to say other wise and what would a set of fab valve covers cost me to do ... I can pay you in Doritos tacos ;)
  3. I love me some tacos.....
    My buddy sells fabricated sheet metal ones for a good deal I'll ask and get back to you. You want something polished and flashy or plain and simple?
  4. Plain jane simple something that can fit under my systemax intake
  5. me likes shiney :D
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  6. Mike... Mark up the desired location while the covers are still installed and presto!
  7. Well I would but I do not has le valve covers and nick said he could get me a pair and weld up the an bungs as well
  8. does that mean hes gonna make a bunghole?
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  9. I figured it was implied and I wouldn't have to say it out loud jeez!
  10. I feel like a bevis and butthead quote is coming...
  11. Hehe hehe cornholio
  12. image.jpg Who can guess what I'm doing with all of these parts? @84Ttop your not aloud to guess ;)
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  13. catch can duh
  14. Awh :( you guessed it ... Damnit
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  15. I have the same fittings to use for my catch can system I hope they fit under my TF valve covers..hope they don't hit the rockers...
  16. Which ones? Nick is welding up a set of covers for me with two bungs welded on already.
  17. what covers are they?
  18. Procomps I believe
  19. the ones that you posted the non welded type...I have those too I don't know if I should just get welded ones..I wonder if Nick can do that for me too..LOL...I have brand new Trickflow valve covers sitting here in a box...I just didn't get a chance to do this yet....I don't know if those will fit and clear my rocker...or should I just get welded ones...
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  20. The ones on the car now are not the covers I'm using nick got me a set of fabricated aluminum procomp covers they require a 3/8" spacer at minimum to clear the intake and the bungs he is using do not protrude to the inside of the cover