Progress Thread Project Copper Can

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  1. Looks good! Snow is all melted now get to work!
  2. Covers are at powder coater getting a satin black finish @84Ttop
  3. image.jpg
    @84Ttop I would put these on today but it's raining pretty heavy today maybe tomorrow
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  4. Your next mod should be a garage
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  5. I am waiting on this house I'm getting ready to buy it has three garage spaces
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  6. Can never have enough garage space
  7. Yeah two are attached to the house and one is deprecate from the house which in all actuality I could put two cars in there but one door so it will be where I actually have all my tool and stuff
  8. +1 on the sc wheels.....i got them....lots of nice wheels to choose from but where im from havnt seen many sc wheels around,i get a few complaments also from tome to time....

    yours my look good with chrome wheels also though...
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  9. They look great powder coated! Can't wait to see it on the car!
  10. those covers look killer!
  11. Thanks guys hopefully it won't be raining tomorrow and maybe I can finally get this dang thing bolted on @84Ttop those Allen head bolts you sent with the covers do they fit the heads? I haven't checked but they kinda look smallish
  12. They should fit the heads just fine. The valve cover bolts are a standard size. (The bolts I sent are the ones that come with the covers)
  13. Ok cool like I said I haven't looked at them
  14. love the covers I may be ordering a set once I am up and running
  15. These covers require at least 3/8" spacer so I went ahead and got a 1" spacer lol
  16. Will never have chrome wheels that's for sure
  17. personally im not a chrome guy either,was just a
    im a painter,i had every color avalable to me,coudnt decide for days....almost painted it same color as yours though,looks good i see....ended up tweeking the emerald green a litte though
  18. I like the emerald green that's the color of my truck black until you get up on it and see it's green
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  19. So it was nice enough outside yayyy!!! Hurray yayyy... So I started getting the new covers furnished by nick @84Ttop and powder coated by custom funchionz. So on with some pics.

    The drivers side was a pain in the azz because of the heater tube.
    This is how I routed the hoses for the catch can setup couldn't run them up in parallel with the end tank but I just did the same to the passenger side to make it symmetrical.
    Here's the catch can it's in the passenger wheel well yes I know I may hit them with my tire if I do I will replace the straight connectors with a set of 45? Fittings image.jpg
    Here's how the hose was run over to the can I attached two hose seperators one by the valve covers really actually behind it and one close to the hole where the hoses pass through.