Progress Thread Project Copper Can

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  1. Looks good!!!! I like the idea where you put the catch can too...
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  2. looking good!
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  3. mines similar except I tucked the can back in pretty far.

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  4. What's the idea behind the breather on the catch can? Shouldn't an operable PCV system be sealed?
  5. My system is not hooked to a vacuum source it's just venting the gases not pulling when it was pulling through the valve I was getting oil little bit but still oil.. Yes i have the little screen and the valve was operational
  6. Mine is in all actuality as far back as I could go on that flat surface that is there on the passenger side
  7. That im guessing is far from hitting the tire right? this over the black wheel well cover? or behind it?....
  8. Uhm I don't have a wheel well cover lol and like I said if I see the tire rub it I will swap the straights for a set of 45? Fittings
  9. Looks good Mike! I like how the powder coated covers look with the rest of the intake system!
  10. Ohhhh i still do...guess i cant use that
  11. You probably can it's pretty far back behind there
  12. Ok i will take a look today when i get home Thanks!!!!!
  13. Now being that your boosted I'm not entirely too sure if you have to do anything different I personally wouldn't think you need to but @madspeed could help since he is turbo as well
  14. im going to run it with a catch can like yours i already dont use a PCV and i run open breathers...just dont like the oil mist it want to contain it and neaten up the bay....i think alot of guys with boost run it that way...
  15. what's the question?
  16. Do the catch cans need to be vented or fed back into the intake tract? This is one thing I don't understand either. Is there a difference between N/A and F/I cars with regard to this?
  17. I don't full understand all the theories behind this stuff either, but before I made any changes I did a lot of research. It seems that everyone I talked to, mostly on the Turbo Forums and The Corral, recommended this type of setup. There's many ways of doing it and many that will work, this is about the most effective without running an evac pump or plumbing back into the exhaust. I chose to go this route as it was easy enough for my limited skills to fab up.

    Open breather elements on the valve covers with the rest of the PCV blocked off will also work, but once boosted, that extra pressure tends to blow oil out of those breathers casuing a nasty mess. As most of you know, I prefer to keep my sheit clean and shiny, so that was definitely not an acceptable option for me!
  18. The reason im going to a catch can system i have open breathers now... NO PCV...and it stinks and makes a
  19. The theory is if you have forced induction is to have the check valve in line with the pcv where when under vacuum it's pulling vapors but in boost it closes so the added pressure is not exposed to the crankcase I know your thinking the pcv valve should block it off but I think the pcv valve isn't as much of a positive shutoff as an actual check valve.
  20. I tried the check valve method didnt seem to work im pushing 14 psi....I just went to open breathers..way better....but the catch can will make it that much nicer when done...