Progress Thread Project Copper Can

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  1. Yes I'm sure after 5-6 psi you need to go catch can
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  2. image.jpg Washed the car today to get ready for a local car show this Sunday its in the garage now to be detailed all day tomorrow

    Also took it to the tint guy to get my rear windshield done. Here's a pic I took while I was there.

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  3. Gotta like the copper can.. That's one fine piece of horse flesh!
  4. More like horse chit I'm getting frustrated with this car. So on my ride home it started bucking bad I mean bad I can't get it out of 3k before it starts bucking. Get back to the house find my fuel pressure up to 50# with vac off so I dialed that back down a bit back to 40# but it is now starting to break up around 4k rpm my thought is I noticed my 6 cylinder spark plug wire is kilted the outer sheathing but not the inner would this cause problems?
  5. That so blows.. With everything you've done, I'd think she'd purr like a kitten. I know what you mean though. Every time I think I have everything squared away, something happens. Fortunately for me it's only been little chit, but it's still annoying as hell when it happens.

    I hope this doesn't interfere with your weekend plans. It's supposed to be nice this weekend, in our area, so fix her up, take her out for a well deserved gallop and enjoy the show on Sunday.
  6. I gotta ask, whats with the lower front fender sections? I hate to say but they look out of place
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  7. They are a whole shade lighter stupid painter never use him again
  8. that splains it then
  9. gotcha, sorry I had to point it out :cool::rolleyes:
  10. It's all good nothing I can do about it now
  11. why not, you paid for it right
  12. Yeah but it's a painter I'll never use again with paint that they don't make anymore so I'm saving what little I got left
  13. Maybe I missed it in the thread but what's this paint that can't be recreated? I'd think especially having a sample to go off of you wouldn't have much trouble. Car looks great don't get me wrong. But that would keep me up at night
  14. House of kolor ketchme kopper pearlescent they took it off production then re came out with it as a new and improved formula so I don't know if it will match up
  15. [​IMG]

    Those wheels look a lot better in that pic than they have in previous pics. I'm not sure how one would go about doing it without screwing up the wheel but maybe a polished lip? :shrug:

    Other spit-ball ideas might be an anthracite color but only IF that color tied in with your headlights and tint. Black chrome maybe?


    Again, I'm just posturing here in an attempt to tie your wheels in with the rest of your color scheme.

    I can't recall who it was that we had on the forum that had the mad photo-chop skills.
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  16. That's what I'm thinking of doing a gun metal gray but should I do gloss or satin or what?
  17. gloss def. would fit in with the rest of your new car
  18. Ok cool thanks

  19. Just looking at the pictures, the black chrome looks like it would fit the best. It'll have that blue/gray hue that your headlight tint has. You're going to have to gauge that 1st person though. Looking through the computer screen isn't going to be the same.

    I don't think that flat anything is going to look good against the tire.
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