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  1. That's what I'm thinking too
  2. car looks awesome!....and by the way....i paint cars for a living,if your any good at your job that color could be matched....better than that anyways....find another guy
  3. That's the thing they reformulated the mix and I don't know if it will be right
  4. should be able to mix one up....theres colors close and you can just tweak just anal cause i do it for a yr ride though...
  5. Yeah I got a buddy of mine having his 99 trans am painted black by this guy and so far everything looks good and he's doing it for cheap
  6. So I pulled my plugs today to see how things were king after my stumbling issue noticed they were all fouled up and reasoning is they are ngk heat range 10 so I decided to heat them up because I'm N/A still so I went with some ngk 6's then after putting them on I notice a bunch of popping out of the exhaust like real real bad so I let it idle for a bit still popping revved it a couple times pulled them all out again and found my number 7 cylinder plug was coated in fuel like real bad. Took off the wires for the injector and now it's not popping nearly as bad ( i say this because I'm still running 42 lb injectors with na car). So in all actuality now I need to order a set of 30lb injectors and recalibrate my maf until I throw a supercharger on this thing I need to get it to run better
  7. Engine running issues will work themselves out. Most of us in the early hours of a build (me for instance) would trade a running engine, albeit a rough running engine for one in pieces.
    The Copper looks great. It was one of the colors I kicked around for the GM, but since I'm painting it, I had to pass on it because of the amazing metallic effect that comes w/ that color, and how hard it'd be for me to make it look good.
  8. Yeah well I started with tens then found they were to cold had a lot of carbon build up. Looked up what the stickers were (4) and installed those then all kinds of popping and crap happen figured it was detonation because the plugs were to hot maybe ran those for about thirty minutes and pulled them and saw they were bleach white so went down to 6 and found the fuel fouled up plug so found the injector bad.
  9. dont forget that NGK numbering system is backwards from most other plug manufacturers
  10. Yeah I found a conversion chart and all​
  11. Do they make 2 into 1 AN fitting so you don't have to run two SS braided lines all the way to the catch can?
  12. Yeah they make y blocks but this way was easier to me don't ask how just is. Right now the car is sitting after a trip to both the Nmra car show and my local car show at my old high school after a gust of wind took my hood for a little road trip to the pavement. image.jpg
  13. Sorry to hear about the hood bro, that's horrible. :fuss::fuss::fuss::fuss::fuss::fuss::fuss:
  14. Yupp I'm in the midst of getting the paint ... Again lol
  15. Ahem........

    You: I deleted for lift off hood and it will be held by dzus fasteners and sit ontop of rubber mounts
    Me: Taking the hood off and on will most assuredly make a mess of the mating surfaces of the fenders, and the hood edge. Then theres the "where am I gonna put the hood now"? after you remove it, where most people just put foam under the hood to allow it to sit on the roof w/o hurting it. (don't work)
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  16. I see it's the "i told you so" guy
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  17. I knew that would've been brought up. I did see what an older guy did with his and that was use towel wrapped ratchet straps and secure it to the roof.
  18. Is there any reason besides filling the dzus fastener holes that you couldn't go back to a factory latch setup ? And do you by any chance have a partslist of the catch can setup ? I want to run the same setup at some point
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  19. Yeah I can muster a parts list for you and filling Dzus fasteners is not what I need... Step one get a standard hood because lift off style does not hold mounts for standard hood system. Step two cut holes in firewall to put old standard hinges back in. It's either that or put the sixties style hood hinge style in place but that will be too much measuring that I don't feel like doing. I'm gonna create some posts that I can lift each corner yet still lock the Dzus fasteners to in order to keep the hood secure too.
  20. Thanks pal !