Progress Thread Project Copper Can

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  1. Nice CT btw!! Mine has disappeared these days for some reason. ha. Maybe cause i'm not on like i used to be back in the day?
  2. Update just talked to mme gonna have them build and assemble my motor so they will warranty it .. gonna also have a custom camshaft ground and installed so they said it should hopefully be done by the end of june and ill have it back ... there goes another 4k
  3. Cool color, cool project. Cool cool cool. -Abed
  4. I get my unibody back hopefully monday .... SCORE!!!
  5. Get to work, sparkling wiggles! Just kidding, but seriously, hurry up and get to work and post pics.
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  6. That video is epic.
  7. Great project! Love the direction you're taking. Looks like it's reverse opening hood time, though, haha. You're definitely going to want hinges of some sort, imagine how difficult a simple thing like checking your oil at a gas station will be.
  8. where did sparkling wiggles come from, and no i do not want that as my ct lol but im trying to get the damn thing back hes wet sanding his first set of clear coat this weekend and let me put everything back together, i.e. hood, fenders, doors, bumpers all that before he sprays his final coat
  9. Sparkling wiggles is a very racist video on youtube to most, but my sense of humor makes me crack up when I watch it. One of the quotes is, "Get a job, sparkling wiggles!" I modified it to get to work, sparkling wiggles... Anyway, Im excited for more pics, so post some ASAP.
  10. Hey guys im extremely excited i got my car back so onto some pics when i gt it back


    Hers a pic for :poo:s and giggles of my hood on top of it

    Getting electrical hooked up so stay tuned yall
  11. Looks awesome. Did you just get the jambs and engine bay sprayed?
  12. No the whole thing is painted but he wet sanded the first coat of clear on the exterior so a second set of clear could be laid after i get everything together soas soon as motor and trans are in me and him are gonna put the panels and doors back on so i can then get my last coat of clear applied and have no scratches from when we put the motor or anything in
  13. Nice, very nice.
  14. Are those weld in front fender aprons, or did you just fill the existing ones. If so, why didn't they fill all the little holes in the strut towers while they were at it? :shrug:
  15. They are weld in aprons and i wasnt thinking about the strut towers
  16. Looks good so far. I wouldnt worry too much about those strut tower holes. Its easy to get caught up wanting your car to be perfect, but the truth is that no one's car is perfect. Keep us posted as you go!
  17. hey thanks man, uhm @gearbanger101 Rick 91GT hoopty5.0 95BlueStallion do any of you knowledgeable guys know where i can get my hands on some pdf files of the electrical schematic for this car a 91lx? i think i can squeak by with most of the connectors but also i need to find the plumbing for the hvac as well. thanks guys in advance
  18. jrichker is your guy, now that I have summoned him, wait for links with more info than you wanted ;) ..... youll need a fire hose :rlaugh:
  19. Gee thanks man your such a pal now i get to thumb through a blhundred pages of info for one page of info i need hahaa
  20. Hey all update, im getting my doors and fenders tomorrow and ive started on my wiring tuck man this is such a pain in the ass this will take longer then anything else